The Weekend + A Small Running Update

Hi Friends! Happy Tuesday!
I'm excited to share our weekend adventure...

Sunday was definitely the highlight of the weekend!
Beautiful day...

To celebrate Father's Day and Summer Solstice, we went to one of our very favorite beaches in Malibu - El Matador Beach. It is a STUNNING beach and I highly recommend a trip! It is special for Jerold and I as we took our engagement photos there :)

The rock formations are so beautiful!

Here is what LA Weekly has to say about this incredible beach:

Best Beach for "iPhoneography": El Matador
Keep your eyes open for the tiny brown sign marking the beach, or you could miss this hidden gem between Broad Beach and Decker Canyon roads. El Matador Beach, north of Malibu, is famous for its ridged cliffs and massive rock formations. For years this beach has been a utopia for photographers and models, but lately, they're not the only ones enjoying the view. An Instagrammer's dream, El Matador is an excellent spot to capture photos of waves crashing along the rocks - which are great for making all your non-SoCal friends jealous. But be careful; you'll have a 150-foot trek down to the beach so make sure your wearing the appropriate gear. El Matador Beach Road between Broad Beach and Decker Canyon roads along Pacific Coast Highway.

It was a day filled with laughter and celebration...

I made a wonderful breakfast in the morning, and by dinner time I just wanted to relax and hang out with the fam! We stopped at Whole Foods and got our entire dinner and had a picnic on the beach!
There was lots of running around (for Jerold and the kids) ...

It was one of those unforgettable days...


Let's talk about the running situation for a moment, shall we?

First, I am very excited about my new, smaller knee brace!!

It is lighter in weight and covers much less of my leg! I only have 2.5 weeks left of using my crutches!! I am now able to put 50% weight on the right leg, but I still have to use the crutches. I can drive, which is so awesome, but it is still a bit of a challenge going anywhere with SBG. I fear that if we are out and she wants to be picked up...
I am not able to pick her up and carry her around just yet.
Also, I am still not able to grocery shop, and I have to say that I miss it!!

PT: I am still going to PT 1-2 times a week and still working on all of the exercises. I can really feel a difference in the flexibility of my knee and I feel like I am getting stronger.
Sometimes I think about what a long road this has been, but it's already June! In some ways the time has flown by. I love that I can slowly ride the bike for 10 minutes at a time!
It'll be amazing to see where I am 3 months from now and 6 months from now - so much to look forward to!
But I am also loving this time - summer with my kiddos - and I don't want to wish it away.

The views are so amazing here! #nature

I had forgotten how difficult it is to get to this beach! I was getting some looks by everyone (and so many people wanted to help!) as I was making my way down the steep path and then all of the stairs to get down to the beach. I took my time and let the family go ahead. I knew I would make it one step at a time and you know what? I did! :)

What is the most beautiful beach you've ever been to?

Who is doing a speed workout today? (woo hoo!!)

Happiness Is Running Life!


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