Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Weekend + Adding In A Bridge

Happy Tuesday friends and welcome to the last day in June!

Yesterday, I talked all about peaches, but today I'd like to fill you in on the weekend shenanigans!

I was able to add a bridge into my PT routine! My knee felt a bit shaky, but overall it was great to be able to do this exercise!!! Even better to do it at the beach :) 


Our weekend was simple and relaxing! It included plenty of beach time, which made my kiddos extremely happy...

They even shared a towel, which was pretty darn cute...

Feeling so thankful for my Mom helping with the kiddos (9 more days till zero crutches!!)

There is nothing better than a playground on the beach!! A little playhouse time, then jump in the ocean. #perfect. Uh, yeah - this was not my childhood! :)

I made an amazing salad (with peaches!)...

After church on Sunday, a Daddy/Daughter date happened (I also posted to my Instgram - follow along for more photos!!)...

I am going back to PT today and hopefully we will work out a plan of action of when the first run will be happening!! I know it will be baby steps: jumping on the trampoline, then five minutes of running and so on. I am learning to love the baby steps - it's all forward progress!

We as runners know the power of positive thinking. Whether you are trying to work through an injury, or training for a goal race, we have to stay positive to achieve our best!
Check out THIS great article from my friend Tina on having positive thoughts during a race.

Talk about staying positive!! I love this clip of the 800 meter final from the USATF Championships this weekend. Alysia Montano gave birth 11 months ago!! I am sure there were times she struggled with coming back from pregnancy, when most other runners were steadily training. She ROCKED this race! You can do anything if you believe...

Have an awesome day!!

What do you do when negative thoughts start to creep in your head?

Who is running a 4th of July race this weekend?!!
My kiddos are running the kids race and my friend is running the 10k on Saturday! She has been training hard for it and I am so excited to cheer her on! She has a really good chance of winning it!!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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