Raceday Outfit!

Helllo my Friends!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Hump Day!!

I am super excited about my progress right now. Yesterday, I went to PT and immediately got on the bike. I felt SO comfortable riding! It was the first time since my surgery, that I felt normal. There was a lot of good energy in the room - my physical therapist and I were so happy about the progress I have made over the last couple of weeks.
I rode for 10 minutes today, but he told me I could start riding 15-20 minutes at a time!! Yay!
He also added to my growing list of PT exercises, and I can start doing the bridge exercise as well as the single leg bridge. Super exciting!
Then he went to work on my knee and it was painful. We talked about it and he said the pain was normal and we had to push through it. Tough stuff indeed, but I know the day is coming that I will be able to push, pull, bend and stretch my knee without any pain.

My quad muscle is like a floppy glob of jello right now. The muscle has disappeared, but we are doing so many exercises to strengthen those muscles. I know the hard work will pay off!

I made an amazing salad for dinner tonight!! I got home from PT at 5:15 and was in a mad dash to get dinner on the table by 5:30. I had an abundance of beautiful fruit and veggies from the market. So, I added black beans and hard boiled eggs for protein and it was a winner!!

I got so excited thinking about racing again. I haven't raced since the 5K turkey trot on Thanksgiving Day. I wanted to share with you my dream summer race outfit if I were racing this weekend!
Are you ready?

I would choose THESE shorts. I already have a couple of pair and I LOVE them. This color is so peppy, spunky and happy - very fun!

THIS super cute tank would pair nicely with the shorts...

THIS bra looks sooo comfy and I love the back...

I need a new pair of cool running sunglasses and THIS pair looks awesome - plus it's for a great cause!

I would have to race in my favorite SOCKS (in white)...

I love this HAT! I have a big head and it fits so nicely :)

I think I should upgrade my watch, don't you? (I have the basic 10 right now)

Although I am dying to try a bunch of new shoes, I think for this race I'll stick to the shoes I was fitted for last fall. I only got to put a few miles on them (they are patiently waiting in the box), but I loved them! This color would be so cool with the outfit, and it has been slightly upgraded since last year...

There you have it! My dream race day outfit. Something fun to look forward to!!

Do you have a favorite race day outfit?

What is your favorite running bra right now?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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