Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tummies and Lollipops

Monday was such a fun, memorable day!
Big kiddos went back to school, Elle and I had special time and after school I surprised everyone and we went to the beach! It has been on my mind to shake things up a bit for afternoon after school fun and the beach is always the perfect place.
Also, I decided to record some of the core exercises I have been working on to share with you.
Ha Ha! This turned out to be more of a blooper reel than anything - complete with kiddos talking and climbing on me, but this is what my life is really like (I wouldn't change it for the world!) so here it is... :)

Pretty funny huh? But anyway this gives you an idea of some core exercises I am working on. I'd love to know which ones you are working on right now also!
One quick note - I do two sets of 50 bicycle crunches (for a total of 100) not two sets of 10 like I said on the hot mess video. :)

I brought these yummy lollipops with us to the beach for a treat. LOVE these! I buy them at Whole Foods, they are organic made with real fruit juice and no additives. The kiddos love them, I love them...

SBG double-fisting two lollipops. I only let her eat one... :)

So much happiness today! Josh and Meg were very serious about their sand creation and it was so neat because they were able to go pretty far out due to the low tide...

And then they found more treasures...

And saw a beautiful sea gull take flight...

Josh got to be a carefree boy, despite not having a swim suit!

Megan is my cutie pie, free spirit - I just love her so...

Megan loves to snack and when she has a healthy snack, she has a huge smile on her face! So, today I picked her up from school - Elle was napping and Josh was still in school - and we got some special time together! I also made her a healthy snack (English cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots - all organic + hummus and seaweed. I also included an apple strawberry crusher from Trader Joe's which she LOVES. It's not juice, its just blended fruit. YUM.) which kept Meg in a great mood for our impromptu beach adventure...

My happy girl!

SBG will be TWO at the end of the this month!! Where does the time go? I am hanging on to the last weeks of a one year old... hanging on....

Sand on my chin, checking out the "blooper" video and watching  a winter sunset with my favorite people. LOVE.

Sun has set and we are getting in our last bit of fun before time to go home for dinner, bath and bed.

Let's wrap it up kiddos! It's days like today that I want to capture, place in a bottle and keep forever. So happy, so blessed...

I did cross train today! 90 minutes on the bike - oh yeah! :)

Also this weekend I finally got out to see Unbroken! Wow. It was SO GOOD. I highly recommend.
And this comes from someone who read the book.

I also changed the design of my blog a little, New colors, new logo. I am happy with it!
This was the original. I was so excited to start this blog and didn't want to over think the logo and have that hold me back from getting started. This was a great start....

But I am happy with the new look and feel and I am so happy I started this blog! I love running, I love eating healthy and I love to write so this is my little piece of heaven...

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog! Happiness for me IS Running - whether it be running on the road, running on a trail, running my life, running my family life...
This list goes on and on...
I also added a ticker at the top of the home page to count down the days left till my next MRI! Think good thoughts and prayers please :)

Happiness Is Running Life!

Have an amazing day!

I'd love to know - 

How many miles are you running today?

Are you planning to cross train at all this week?

Are you racing in the month of January and if so what race?!


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