A great marathon support system, some weekend haps + a fun Monday :)

We had a really fun weekend!

So, J has been talking to me a lot about how he and the kiddos can be the best support system for me when I get back to marathoning.

When I race, usually the whole family comes out to support me. It's so fun for the kiddos and J always likes to cheer me on. After the culmination of a training schedule and all the hard work that it entails, I really love having them there. (Thank you honey - I couldn't do this without you!)

The question is "How can a husband/friend/partner and multiple kiddos effectively support and cheer on their favorite runner?"


Here are five reasons why I would highly recommend a cargo bike as a super cool and fun mode of (marathon!) transportation:

1. Cargo bikes are a perfect spectator vehicle for the marathon (Hello, lots of wait time and getting to multiple viewing spots!)
Plus there is plenty of room for extra water bottles, GU and other nutrition must haves.

2. Cargo bikes are great for families or couples on a date! (One adult can fit pretty easily in the box) 

3. It is an incredibly fun way to tour your own city and make less of a carbon footprint.

4. These bikes are great for those 16-22 mile long runs when you need extra support - even if its just a cheer and a wave.

5. This is THE way to get around in Europe. It's time for Americans to get out of the car and onto a bike!

So, our family went to Aika Trading  in Santa Monica and the friendly staff let us test ride the Gazelle Cabby.

Here are five reasons why we loved the Gazelle Cabby cargo bike:

1. Seating for two kiddos - from infant with a car seat up to 8-10 years old. Plus seating for the bigger kiddo with an add on to the back rack.

2. Weighs 84 pounds. It is super easy to handle and has 7 gears to handle heavier loads or hills.

3. This bike has a double leg kickstand, so it is very stable for loading and unloading.

4. The Gazelle Cabby has an upright riding position with swept back handle bars for a comfortable ride and good visibility.

5. The cargo area has fabric sides that can be folded together or removed completely for storage and narrow spaces.

When I ran the Ventura Marathon last September -  we were able to test another cargo bike to actually see how it would work as a support vehicle during an actual race:
We used a Cetma cargo bike for the marathon.  J rode and the two older kiddos were in the box. SBG is pictured here after her nap (post race) just hanging out...

Here is a pic right after the race, getting a ride back to the hotel :)

For a more in depth review of the Cetma cargo bike + its use as a marathon support vehicle go HERE!

Now on to the weekend update + Monday!


Josh got to present his book report at school. He worked very hard on it! (proud Mom moment)

I got in a 40 minute Pilates DVD and then later a solid 30 minute core workout. Two really fun workouts!


We rode our bikes to the beach and hung out for the whole afternoon!

And got to experience another amazing sunset together as a family...


I rested. It was awesome. I slept in, hung out and took the day off from working out! :) I didn't even take pictures!


Happy Monday! Wishing everyone a great start to their week!

I rode the bike for 90 minutes and then did 30 minutes of core work. Today I was feeling tight and sore - it was a struggle to get through the core work - but I did it! :)
The stationary bike time flew by, because I am reading a new book The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. The book was recommended by Tara from Running N Reading. If you haven't checked out Tara's blog, you should definitely pop on over! Tara is a great runner and also writes amazing book reviews. Her review on The Girl On The Train convinced me to download it on my kindle. I can't put it down.
Thanks Tara! :)

And I made a really easy, delicious dinner tonight! 

Sweet potato black bean enchiladas with swiss chard on the side.

I love this enchilada recipe from weelicious,com - I made it in 35 minutes and added a side of swiss chard for a complete meal (LOVE swiss chard!) Have you heard of Weelicious? Oh my, you must check out Catherine McCord's wonderful website of delicious, easy meals for busy families! 
I have been going to her site since Josh was a baby and I have never been disappointed! Check it out. :)

How many miles did you run this weekend?

Did you race?

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday?
My idea of a perfect Sunday is sleeping in, eating a huge breakfast with the family, going to church, taking a nap and then going for a long run (or for me at this moment - a hike!). All of that followed by a long bath and early bedtime. LOVE!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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