Pool running keeps me sane + Thursday stuff

I have developed a love of running in the pool for three reasons:

1. It feels like you are actually running (almost!)
2. I have that really good "I just worked out hard" feeling afterwards
3. I know running in the pool is going to keep me in great shape for actual running

Hands down this is one the best exercises for injured runners and I think pool running is great even when you ARE running. 

Here is the shakedown of my 60 minute workout today:

10 minute warm up

10 minutes of hard running with a 5 minute rest X 3 reps

10 minute cool down

I found a great video that shows you exactly what to do for efficient pool running. Go HERE to check it out!

I started the day with a tasty breakfast...

Yes, that is one of the cranberry pecan biscuits I made from yesterday! :) I love oatmeal. I eat it for breakfast practically every day!

My day is always filled with lots of kiddo drops and pick ups. I spend a nice amount of time in the car and sometimes I need a snack while I am at stoplight...

Tomorrow is Friday! We love Fridays! Friday in our house means lots of playtime, usually pizza for dinner and a movie (with popcorn, of course). The kiddos LOVE it.
Interesting thing - my kiddos used to love, love pizza. We would order from our usual 1 or 2 favorite places and life was good. In the past month, the enthusiam for pizza has gone way, way down. In fact Josh told me he doesn't want pizza anymore. What?
So I started investigating pizza and what do they really put in it anyway? Do we really know?
Then I found the Food Babe's article on pizza and if you read it, you may never order pizza again.
Go HERE to check it out. 
Well, I have decided to start making our own pizza - yep, our own pizza dough and our own toppings. We will know everything that is going into our favorite Friday indulgence.

Friday I am making a delicious corn meal pizza dough and it is really good. I'll post the recipe for you  :)

I loved my dinner - a light and delicious chicken salad. I think I have talked about this before - I love making it -  It is super easy - grilled organic chicken strips on a bed of organic red leaf lettuce. Add black beans, orange and yellow bell pepper, avocado (pretty much any veggies that are in your house) and strawberries + a yummy coconut lime balsamic vinaigrette,
 And yes, I made it for the kiddos too and they gobbled it up :)

I was craving a little chocolate tonight. I love eating a handful of chocolate chips - its just enough, but not too much...

Friday is SBG's birthday! She will be two! I am just in shock that she is turning two already and I am sort of mourning the loss of my baby :(
But, she'll always be my baby...

And lastly, I know everyone is talking about the guy that shoveled the snow away from the Boston Marathon finish line...

I just love the spirit of runners.

What are your weekend plans?
SBG's family birthday party, random fun on Sat and I may be cheering on a friend at the Surf City half marathon on Sunday!

How many miles are you running this weekend?
I will be in the pool and on the bike.

What is your favorite Friday night meal?

Happiness Is Running Life!

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