Gosh, that rainbow is much further away than I EVER anticipated...

I got the news I have been waiting six weeks for today.

You know what I am talking about, right?

Will I or won't I be toeing the line at the Boston Marathon?

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I am sad to say that the answer is No :(

Ah, man! I am SO bummed (understatement of the year!)
My knee is in the same shape that it was 6 weeks ago, which means it is NOT okay for me to run on it. If I were to run on it, that would mean the end of my running "career".  I still have so many goals and so much to do in my running, so that is definitely not an option :)

The injury is without a doubt a stress fracture (in this particular case, also called an osteochondral defect) and it doesn't seem to be going away on it's own. It is proving to be a stubborn cookie...

So - after a long meeting with my doc today, we have decided that it would be best for me to have surgery (!) for it to heal.
This means that he would take stem cells from my pelvic bone and then drill holes into my knee and deposit the stem cells. This would stimulate the blood flow and help the fracture heal.

I will be on crutches for 6 weeks and then it will take four months to heal. Four MONTHS until I can run again...

Funny thing about being a runner is that I am already calculating the days. I immediately flipped to my calendar and started looking at my summer.
I am aiming to have the surgery in about a week, which means I hope to start running again the end of May, beginning of June. The absolute goal is to run Boston in 2016.  This means I need to qualify by the 2nd week in September of this year. I am thinking the Ventura Marathon again, to minimize travel and the race is scheduled for the week of September 12-13th.
I would have roughly 14 weeks over the summer to train - after a 6 month layoff...

Holy cow - I need to seriously keep cross training in the pool and and on the bike over these winter and spring months! I need a super positive attitude and to keep reading all the inspirational blogs that I have connected with and live vicariously through their running for a while :)

One thing that I know about myself is that I am stubborn when it comes to my goals. I will work and work until I achieve it!

So, that is my new normal! I was really hoping to avoid having surgery on my knee.

My doctor said that millions and millions of people run, but only a very few have this type of injury...


Deep Breath.


I had my wine and cried in my soup - but you have to pick yourself back up and know that


I will get through this and be a better ATHLETE because of it.

My son was so incredibly sweet today. He was so excited to come to Boston with me and we had it planned out that he would come - the whole family was coming.

So today, he says: "Mommy, we aren't going to Boston?"

And I explained to him the situation and what Mommy needed to do to heal her knee.

Josh: "Mommy, I think you are the BEST runner in the whole world and you will get through this" (He gives me a big hug)

Me: "Thank you sweetheart, That means so much to me. Mommy will get through this - which means a little surgery on my knee and we'll go to Boston next year."

Josh: "I know Mommy. You will be there next year. I love you Mommy. You are the best runner and the best Mommy in the whole world. (another hug)."

How do you not get excited about THAT?! 

I love my son!! :)

The plan for now is to continue with cross training - biking 90 minutes one day, swimming 60 minutes the next day with interval work. Core work will happen 6 days a week and I'll just keep plugging away until the surgery. After the procedure, I'll do what the doc prescribes during the 6 weeks on crutches.
6 weeks on crutches with the kiddos - that should make for some interesting footage! :)

Speaking of happiness, we had such a fun day on Monday! 


It was SBG's first time ever at Disneyland! In the past, I have left her at home and just taken the older two. Monday we all went and let's just say she was awestruck over Rapunzel... :)

We had the BEST time! My Mom came with me and the kiddos - such a special day...

I'd like to share an article with you that is in Zelle this week -  "5 Unhealthy Health Foods"

Very interesting - so many times, we think we are eating healthy, but we are really fooling ourselves...

What's your favorite amusement park?
I'd have to say Disneyland - I surprised myself. I don't think I would have said that a year ago :)

Favorite breakfast food (s)?
Oatmeal and a hard boiled egg

Are you racing this weekend? If so, which race?

Hope you are having a fantastic week!

Happiness Is Running Life.


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