Boston training week #1 details, channeling Dory, cherishing weekend moments

I truly love the weekend.

Who doesn't, right?

I picked up these beauties at the market to brighten our weekend!

15 weeks until The Boston Marathon! 

Here is what week one of Boston training looked liked for a runner with a stress fracture:

Monday - 90 minutes spinning on the stationary bike (easy to moderate intensity). I don't want to ride too hard or work on too many hills right now until my knee completely heals.

Tuesday - 60 minutes pool running. This week I started interval work!
20 minute easy warm up followed by 3x5 minutes of harder effort. 5 minute easy recovery between each set.
15 minute easy cool down.

Wednesday - 90 minute spin on the bike

Thursday - I took the day off today

Friday - 90 minute spin on the bike

Saturday - 90 minute spin on the bike

Sunday - 60 minute pool running. 10 minute easy warm up. 3x10 minutes of harder effort. 5 minute easy recovery between each set. 10 minute easy cool down.

I have GREAT news! My MRI is scheduled for this Friday! I will get the results back next Tuesday and that will determine if the stress fracture in my knee is healed. I am hoping to get the okay to start running next week. Woo hoo!

Friday - 

Megan is our budding photographer. She loves to take photos and I let her have a go with my camera (safely around her neck). Here are two of her beautiful pictures from Friday afternoon!

Along PCH, there were more beautiful views and the kiddos love to stop along the way and watch the surfers...

Then Megan begged me to stop for a few minutes so she could play in the sand (her favorite activity!)

Here is the bike path where I have gone on many incredible runs. Being on this bike path makes me feel so excited to start running again!

I was able to get to the gym for 90 minutes on the bike...

Josh was feeling under the weather and by Saturday he was full on sick kiddo. 103 fever and had to stay home all day with chicken soup and snuggles...

I was going to go to the pool on Saturday and it closed early on this day. :(
So I ended up cycling another 90 minutes on the bike.

Sunday arrives and by mid morning, Megan comes down with a fever and now we are 2 out of 3! 

I was off to the market to get lots of healthy food for everyone...

Later, while everyone was napping and snuggling, I escaped to the pool for a 60 min pool run.
10 minute warm up, 3 x 10 minutes hard with 5 minute recovery + a 10 minute cool down.

This has been a interesting journey. I have found that I really love running in the pool. It gives me time to think and reflect in a different way than running on the roads (or trails) does. Maybe its because I don't have to think about traffic or tree roots - I don't know. 
But it is very peaceful and I have learned to be in the moment and enjoy it (for now - I can't wait to start running!!)
I guess I am channeling Dory - much to my kiddos delight (just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....)
One slight challenge has been finding pools that are deep enough to run in. You want to be in 8 feet or so of water to make sure your feet are not hitting the ground. We have a wonderful pool at the local college, but its been closed since mid December, so I have been hopping all over town to various pools.

Top three places to find a training pool in your area:

1. Local Community College
3. Local large high school

I have found that gyms that have pools, are usually lap pools that are only 4-5 feet deep. Those pools will NOT work for pool running.

OR if you are lucky enough to have your own pool, that is even better! :)

After almost six weeks of being in the pool,

Here are my 6 tips for successful aqua jogging:

1. Buy an Aqua Jogger. Make sure the belt is really tight around your waist (some experts say you don't need one, but I think its great to have)
2. Keep your body in an upright position (more so than if you are running)
3. Find a pool that has a deep end (8-9 feet)
4. Practice using a higher knee lift (than running)
5. Incorporate interval work for an intense workout
6. Warm up and cool down just as if you were on an actual run

For even more helpful info on aqua jogging and some great sample workouts, check out THIS article from Runners Connect!

So I am deciding on my race schedule for the year. One thing that I  definitely want to do is race a marathon in the fall. One race that has been on my bucket list is the:


It is supposed to be the Fastest, friendliest, most spectacular course in the west! I think this would be a great course to get a PR on and plenty of time for me to build up a great base.
For more info on this super fast race (and great BQ!) go HERE!

And then the kiddos were off to bed and we got to have a relaxing evening...

Ya gotta live a little, right?

What are you making for dinner tonight?
I am making a yummy chicken soup and I will share the recipe in a post!

What is your favorite airline? 
My new favorite is Virgin! Love everything - the purplish lighting, extra leg room, the super entertaining safety video...

Favorite color?
I would have to say Pink!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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