NYCM Trip - Day Two and Three!!!

They say a picture says a thousand words...
I have so many pictures from the weekend to share with you!
It is Sunday night in NYC and we are still having such a wonderful time.
There are so many rich memories from this weekend that will truly last a lifetime. A really huge thank you to Runner's World for an unforgettable weekend and it's not over yet! :)
Oh, in case you missed day one of our trip - you can read all about it HERE!
Here we go! I'll try and go in order of the day.


First time meeting my coach and we had a light breakfast together...

Then off to run 10 really fun miles in Central Park with Laura!! We both were wishing we lived closer so we could run together all the time. :)

 Afterwards we met up with Christine for lunch! How cool is this ----> my son and Christine's son are the same age and have the EXACT same birthday. Crazy!! I loved hanging with these fun girls!

Jerold and I had such a fun night out on the town!!

A delicious Italian dinner (we went super early to avoid the marathon pasta rush!)

Then we were off to see an incredible musical - An American in Paris. It was SO GOOD.
If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend. Beautiful set design, costumes, singing, acting...
I loved it!!


It's Marathon day!!

We had our pass to get into the special seating area. We were only a few yards from the finish line!!

The elite women began to arrive...
Here is the winner, Mary Keitany, racing to the finish line. She would later come over and shake our hand!!

Rita Jeptoo came in 2nd place. To give you an idea of our seating - we were on the opposite side of this picture and on ground level. We could reach out and touch the athletes!

Then it was time for the men to arrive!

The winner and first runner up immediately went to get their flags and run around. Isn't it amazing that they aren't tired? :)

It's Meb!!!

I got to see Allie finish!!

Jerold and I were screaming and cheering so loud and then she saw us! Jerold was taking the picture and he was so caught up in the moment that this is what he took. I had to include it because you can see Allie's smile when she saw us!!

Next we saw Jen finish her race! I found out later that she hurt her knee (feel better soon!!), but you couldn't tell at all from this pic!

Next up was Linzie!! He finishes a marathon like a pro - look how great he looks!!

I missed seeing Katie, Ethan, Nellie and Toni! A huge congratulations to all the marathoners!!!!

I bet you are wondering who this is? This is Michelle Hercules Walker and she is the 2015 women's WINNER of the Runner's World Cover Contest!!! Her story is so amazing, so be sure and check out the December issue!!! You can also watch the Today show from Friday morning to hear all about her journey to become a runner.

Me and a cover girl!

I was able to fit in a 4 mile treadmill run, followed by some strength and ab work. Usually Sunday is my day off, but I had to take Friday off since it was a travel day!

And on Sunday night we had another dinner date - this time sushi!!!

I am now exhausted!! Off to bed and then up for another fun day in NYC before we fly home!!!
Stay tuned for more excitement :)

Has anyone seen an American In Paris (I loved it!!!)?

Who watched the marathon on TV?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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