Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Hey Friends!
I feel like I have been on a spinning top lately - going to NYC, coming home for a week and then off to Vegas for the Rock n Roll half marathon on Sunday.

So, I will have a full race report on Vegas very soon!! I am so excited to share everything about the weekend with you. Definitely check out my Instagram account for quite a few pics from our crazy fun time!

I will say that I am really happy with my race on Sunday. The finish time was better than I expected and my body really showed up for me. 1:44:27 ----> 7:58 pace - and after the year I have had, how can I be anything but excited about that?!

Monday, my coach had me take the day off and Tuesday I ran a very easy 5 miles. After I finished my run, the kids came home, were so excited and they asked me to run a little bit with them (can you tell that I am tired?!)! We had so much fun...

Future runners

I had a lot of fun being away and now I am happy to be home again! It's been a little crazy this week getting back into the swing of normal life. For some reason, everything has been happening this week - tons of homework for the kids, 2 major tests for Josh, making snacks for the 3rd grade party, driving all over town for various reasons, packing boxes to donate to children for Christmas, buying turkeys for the homeless (all through my kids' school, and I am grateful that my children are learning so much about giving!) and the list goes on. Oh! And it's Thanksgiving next week and I have so much to do!!!

Today was another easy 5 miles. It feels so surreal that I ran a half marathon...
After the race, the main thing on my mind besides excitement and trying to get warm (it was SO COLD and windy!!) was post recovery. I have a long way to go in my marathon training and I wanted to make sure to recover well. I drank the chocolate milk that they gave the runners. I also had a banana and a few pretzels along with a lot of water.

When we finally made it back to the hotel, I stretched, took a hot shower and rolled my muscles with the R8 roller before we went to dinner. I was focused on recovering as well as I could so that I wouldn't be too sore this week.

Seen on my run

Sleep ---> my body is craving it so much! I cannot keep my eyes open after I put the kids to bed. I've been going to bed a bit earlier, but last night I could have gone to bed at 7:30 :)

Treats ----> um, can we say fro yo?!!!

Earned it! :)

With Boston just 5 months away, I feel like it's becoming real. I have so much fitness to gain, but I know I have to be patient and take it slow. It will come.

Anyone doing a Turkey Trot next Thursday?! Check out this article for the top 30 turkey trots in the US. There is also a link to find a race near you!!

How many races do you run per year?

How often do you travel for a race?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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