Friday Favorites!!

My mind is just blown that it is the first Friday in November!!
3 weeks till Thanksgiving and so many wonderful things to look forward to this month.
Here is what I am loving this week!!

1. Seriously jumping up and down over THESE running capris!!
I found out about them from the girls on the Rise, Run, Retreat and I love all the vibrant colors and patterns.
Let me just say they are even better in person. The fabric is like butter and I am really glad I bought 2 pair!! :)

2. THESE jeans. I wore them almost every day I was in NYC and they are so comfortable and so flattering. Very different from my other jeans and I love them!!

3. THIS book. I just started reading it and can't put it down. An incredible story that every athlete needs to read!!

4. My friend's husband is a great writer and incredibly funny. Check out his article HERE for a great read... (Bonus: The model is my girlfriend getting out of the car!! Love it...)

5.  THIS book. I haven't read it yet, but I love Elin's books and Nantucket is a huge happy place for me. This looks like a cozy, fun holiday read...

Cheers to long runs, champagne, wine, and naps this weekend!!!

What do you have planned for the weekend? (I am running another 10 miler tomorrow!!)

Happiness Is Running Life!


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