Home Again, First Tempo, Psychology Of Running...

We are HOME.
It's always nice to get away, but there's no place like home :)

Yep, it's November and I fooled myself into thinking that I could wear the same outfit I wore in NYC for a run - a long sleeve shirt and capri pants. Uh, yeah - no...

I was drenched in sweat and probably looking very foolish as I was running along in long sleeves with the sun beating down on me. Looks like it's back to shorts and a t-shirt people - I'm home!! :)

Seriously, I missed my kiddos so much and they missed us too - look how awesome are these cards they made for us?!


My first tempo run in an entire YEAR happened yesterday!! I have to say I was pretty terrified nervous!! All these thoughts were bouncing around in my head and I kept trying to calm them down. This is not a big deal - it's a comfortable quicker paced tempo, not all out. So, I refused to look at my watch (what did we do before a GPS watch anyway?!) and just go for it...

It wasn't so bad!! I mean, I honestly can't believe I ran a mile that begins with the number 7. Wow. Not this soon - I wasn't expecting it.
So, the first one of many is out of the way - let the fun begin! 

I have got the shoe thing down - rotating between the Brooks Launch and the Ghost 7. I just got a new pair of the Ghost 7 in this sweet color!!!

Has anyone used the R8 roller? This thing is AWESOME. I tried it out at my local running store and couldn't walk away from it. #lifechanging...

Recovery time!

Today was an easy 5 miles and I kept it super slow, as I wanted to recover from yesterday. I talked to my therapist at PT and we talked a lot about the psychology of running. I now have nagging thoughts in my head about getting injured again, how to make sense of coming back from an injury, how to just relax and enjoy. Most of the time I do, but there are times when I am just hyper sensitive about it all. Like the thought ---> how am I going to run 26.2 miles?!
He told me to take it all in baby steps - "Remember when you couldn't walk?" Yes, that is true - in June I couldn't even imagine running and now I ran a tempo run. I have to remember, baby steps...
Check out THIS article for great info on mentally preparing to be a good runner.

Josh, my 8 year old was star of the week this week at school and we went to have lunch with him today - so fun!!
Josh is not a big picture person, which is why you don't see him here a lot...

Finally, we got a pic with our star student!!

Have a great Thursday evening!!

How do you deal with mentally preparing to run (or race?)

Who has started planning their Thanksgiving meal?!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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