Getting Back Into The Swing

Just wanted to check in and say hi! Middle of January, six weeks post marathon - here we go.  I'm easing my way back into the swing of things...

Taking time to enjoy the view post run

I hope you guys are doing well, marching your way through the month and keeping your eye on the prize.

Here's what my workouts looked like last week:

Monday January 8th - REST DAY

Tuesday January 9th - 7 easy miles

Wednesday January 10th - 7 miles with 8 x :30 second pick ups (paces were 6:40 to 5:50)

Thursday January 11th - 6.2 miles

Friday January 12th  - 8 miles

Saturday January 13th - 6.2 miles

Sunday January 14th - 11 miles

Total miles: 45.4

I've pulled out my trusty band again and have been determined to use it at least 5 days a week. I do these exercises usually every evening and on those days that I am bone tired and don't want to do them, I think about my goals and get to work. I find that it's hard at first to get on the mat and then as soon as you complete one set, you warm up and totally get into it :)

I ended up with five days of (with the band):

Monster walks and lateral walks (3 sets of 16)

Clam shells (2 sets of 15)

I did two days of squats (2 sets of 10)

Then I did these daily this week:

Donkey kicks (2 sets of 20)
Push ups (3 sets of 20)
Dynamic planks (3 sets of 20)
Bicycle crunches (2 sets of 60)
Bridges and single leg bridge (2 sets of 20)
Superman (2 sets of 20)
Single leg deadlift (2 sets of 15 - with a 15 pound weight)
Side plank single leg raises (oooh, they burn! 2 sets of 15)

Plus the usual tiny bit of yoga (GOAL - do more yoga!):

Legs up the wall
Child's pose
and I've been loving happy baby, which is so relaxing at the end of the session :)

Zero swimming or other cross training this week, but it was a good week of easy, low mileage running.

Cheers to a great week of running and workouts!

Do awesome things.


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