Friday, January 5, 2018

Running Goals For 2018

Hey, what's up you guys! Happy first Friday of 2018 :)
I hope you had a great run today, please run enough for me, cause I'm just over here zonking out on the couch. I've got some kind of bug that has taken every ounce of energy that I have - so it's been a game of bed, couch, bed for the last couple of days. 

My runs this week have been: 

Sunday (12/31/17) - 12 miles 
Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 7 miles (I was feeling a little fatigued/under the weather)
Wednesday - 6 miles (was supposed to be a tempo run, but I just didn't feel up to it)
Thursday - OFF
Friday - Another day OFF

Not a chance I'm taking a pic in my current state, so let's just look at a pic from one of my favorite runs in the world, shall we?

How's the lululemon Challenge coming along? I hope you are logging some good miles and having tons of fun along the way! Don't worry if you have to skip a day or some days, just keep going and pick up where you left off :)

The beginning of a new year brings new goals and a fresh new 365 days to work hard and have so much fun. I've been thinking a lot about my goals and here's what I've come up with (PS: I know sometimes it's hard to put your goals out there, but it's refreshing too).

1. Run some shorter races
Coach and I had a great planning session and I'm excited to run some shorter races this year and really focus on speed. Specifically this would look like: a good amount of 5Ks and 10Ks during the year - it'll be fun and won't interfere with marathon training at all.
Time goals? Humm, I haven't focused on either distance too much, but for 5K a sub 19 would be where my head and heart is and for 10k - I kinda don't have a time goal right now (I haven't raced a 10k in a long time), but early 6ish minute pace would be a sweet, good run for me.

2. Faster Half Marathon
I've got a good PR under my belt and I'm looking forward to running faster in the half. Sub 1:27 here we come.

3. Work on flexiblity
I do a little bit of yoga almost every evening, but I'd like to continue to work on my flexibity (specifically yoga and pilates) - I think it'll make me a stronger runner.

4. New Places and Faces
I want to run some new local runs and travel to some fun places to run this year! I'd also like to run with more people and make some new running friendships along the way.

5.Safely Run More Miles
There's a reason why elite runners log so many miles - want to be a better runner? You gotta run. We've been slowly ramping up my weekly and monthly miles and I'd like to build on that this year with more miles.

6. Keep focused on the little things
SLEEP is a big one for me. Going to bed at the same time every night. Setting a alarm if necessary to make myself go to bed. Strength training is going well, but I'd like to ramp this up even more and get stronger.

7. Run a Sub Three Hour Marathon
Ahhh. There. I wrote it down. I went into CIM in low three hour shape and with hard work this is going to happen. A marathon time that begins with 2:xx

Alright. That's what I've got. Now off to take another nap and get healthy so I can get to work on these goals. Fingers crossed that I can run this weekend!

What's one goal you are working toward in 2018?

Do Awesome Things.


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