Start The New Year Right With The lululemon 40-80 Challenge!

We still have our Christmas tree and the kids wants to light it every evening, but the New Year is definitely in full swing! Can you believe it's already the third day of January?

It's so fun to write down, dream about and plan our fitness and running goals for the new year. Are you fired up about making 2018 the best year ever?!
lululemon has a really fun challenge happening RIGHT NOW that I'm excited to share with you! From January 2nd - January 15th participants can sign up to run 40K or 80K in two weeks and receive a unique badge from Lululemon! Details of the prize will be revealed once you complete the challenge, but it will definitely be worth your while :)

40k is 24.85 miles and 80K is 49.7 miles which breaks down to 12.425 miles per week for the 40K or 24.85 miles per week for the 80K - choose your goal and go for it!

For new runners, let's look at this even closer:

40K = 24.85 total miles = 12.425 miles per week = 1.76 miles per day.

Here's how you can make this a reality:

1. Grab a pair of running socks and shoes (Need a pair of shoes? Have a local running store fit you for a good pair of shoes that work best for your foot - this is SO important to prevent injury).
2. Dress in your favorite running outfit - it's okay if you only have one - just wash it that night and use it again. This does not have to be fancy.
3. Got a GPS watch? Use it to track the distance. If not, just map our your route beforehand. 
4. Live back East, Midwest or South where it is bitterly cold right now? Hop on the treadmill on those days where it's too cold. Play your favorite tunes or watch a TV show - make it FUN.
5. Run slowly for three to five minutes, then stop and begin a short dynamic warm up. You can follow along with the dynamic stretches that I perform before every run - go HERE to follow along.
6. After your warm up, slowly begin running again. Run at your pace, and don't forget to smile - it really does help :)
7. 1.76 miles - you did it! Now grab a glass of water, lightly stretch and jump in the shower or an epsom salt bath to warm up. Don't forget to refuel with a healthy snack like a banana or apples with nut butter (peanut, almond, sunflower are good ones).
8. Get ready to do it again tomorrow (and don't forget to check in with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program).

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

2018 is YOUR YEAR. Let's make it happen.

Do awesome things.


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