Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018 + How To Look Your Best During A Race

Happy New Year friends!!

Today is the first day of a lot of great running in 2018. Lots of running and lots of races are on tap for so many runners during this bright new year.
For women runners, the majority of the time we run without makeup, right? My daily beauty running routine consists of moisturizer and sunscreen plus a little bit of lip gloss and that's pretty much it. I wash my face as soon as I return from a run (usually in this order: finish the run, stretch my calves, light additional stretching, water, refueling snack, more stretching and core + strength on strength days, then shower/wash face) and put on more moisturizer, under eye cream and a serum.

What about race day? After all the training and work it's finally time to race and have fun. When the race pictures are e-mailed after the race, you want to look your best - healthy, glowing, and receiving a picture that you can look back on with a smile.

Race day is practically the only day I'll wear makeup during a run. I love showering the morning of a big race, smoothing back my ponytail, pulling on a fun race outfit and applying a little bit of of color to my face. When I stand on the starting line, I feel fresh, confident and ready to run my best.

I have noticed this topic coming up more in our sport - we are seeing more and more women runners put time and thought into their appearance (cool racing kits, colorful shoes, hair accessories and makeup) which results in great looking ambassadors for the sport of running.

It doesn't have to be complicated and the morning of a race, we don't have a lot of time in the wee hours of the morning to think a lot about our beauty routine, so it's best to keep it simple:

I use these six products and it's all very easy to use:

After wash and moisturizer I use THIS foundation, THIS powder (It's doesn't have any color, so anyone can use - I love how light it is!), THIS cheek stain for a little pinch of color, THIS awesome mascara with a really cool brush, THIS lip balm, followed by THIS lip gloss.

(Note: there are no affiliate links here...  :)

A manicure is always so nice to have too - pretty nails to show off your shiny new medal! I don't know about you guys, but making the time for a manicure is one of my biggest challenges - when I do have time, I'd rather be doing something else, like getting a massage :). We all saw Shalane crush the NYC marathon in November, and how pretty were her bright red nails holding her well earned medal? Mental note: make time for a manicure...

Alright, let's dive into 2018 running fast and looking awesome - sound like a plan?

Do awesome things.


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