It's Time To Get Strong + Training Update

We finally watched Patriots Day this weekend and it really struck a chord with me emotionally. I had heard it was a powerful movie, but it was so difficult to believe that it was real. Can there really be that much hate in the world? Can some people actually be devoid of emotion, numb to the tender flesh of human life?
I had so many questions firing rapidly in my head, tears flowing down my cheeks and by the end of the movie I knew that I would go back to Boston someday. As a marathoner, how do you not feel the pull to run through those streets, especially after what the people of Boston endured?
After I crossed the finish line six weeks ago, I felt like I had put in some good time there and I wasn't sure when I would be back. There are so many other races to explore and goals to accomplish, that it's impossible to do it all in a year. My body can safely take two marathons per year, so I know I have to choose carefully and wisely.

Celebrated with a low key and fun Memorial Day yesterday with my favorite people.

To remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom

On the menu: Ribs (I haven't had ribs in SO long.), potato salad (the healthy kind without all the icky mayo), a chinese cole slaw and an argula salad with artichokes. Lemonade and cookies for dessert - safe to say we were in a food coma, that is until my kids later asked "What's for dinner?" Um, yeah, that was your dinner, we ate at dinnertime - along with homemade pancakes for breakfast and a full lunch! I seriously have a crew of linebackers living at my house.

I made these with brown rice flour (swap out the white flour from your pancake recipe and replace with brown rice flour). They ate a million of them.

Training this past week went well. Mileage is starting to creep up a bit and I have been careful with maintance - a lot of PT exercises, stretching and rolling. I can't help but think that this time last year I was side lined with plantar fasciitis that lasted through the entire summer. I'm calling it post traumatic injury disorder - I think that's pretty accurate. I am so hyper aware of my feet these days and I will do whatever it takes to never go through that experience again. You can read my article for Women's Running Magazine about the 14 ways to manage plantar fasciiitis HERE.

Here a snap shot of my training week:

Monday May 22nd - 4 easy miles (easy recovery from the 12 miles at 7:23 pace the day before)

Tuesday May 23rd - REST (after 7 days of running, my body was ready for a break)

Wednesday May 24th - 7 miles

Thursday May 25th - 2 mile w/up, 15 x 1:00 on (6:10- 6:00 pace), 1 minute jog in between each,  mile cool down. 8 miles total.
Getting back to some speed here and it felt a little foreign, but good to let the legs turning over.

Friday May 26th - 9 easy miles with 8 - 30 second pick ups (6:58 pace)

Saturday May 27th - 7 easy miles

Sunday May 28th - 12 miles at 7:40 pace. I was more than happy to back down on the pace this week for the long run + it was hard to even do this run. I just wanted to snuggle at home and not run at all. It's normal to have days like this, but you have to push through anyway and keep going. Think about the long term goals and how each run is a tiny piece of the puzzle to get you where you strive to be.
It took about 5 miles for me to get into it and then around mile 9, I was totally over it - just wanted to stop, but this is where the mental toughness kicks in. I told myself if you can keep running hard at mile 23 in the marathon, you can get through this last 3 miles. 

47 total miles

Strength work. I wish I could tell you what a productive and kick ass week I've had in this department, but it just isn't the case. Push ups here, donkey kicks there, bicycle crunches, but nothing major. I really have to get back to lifting this week and focusing on strength work - it'll come back together this week.

Running Is My Recess has a legit website, a small apparel line (10% goes to SRLA) and we are chugging along. Buy a shirt, tag your photos (#runningismyrecess) and join us! I can't wait to see you guys in a shirt! :)

Recognize any of the awesome runners on the website? Thanks to my sweet friends Sandra and Sue for being part of this! Happy to have Shawanna on here also - they all are amazing runners!
My plan is to rotate and have different runners featured every so often, so definitely let me know if you are interested in being featured.

Check out my article from Women's Running Magazine about all the details on the movement HERE.

Alright, it's time for a new week, time to grind and continue to be grateful for so many gifts that life continues to bring. Even through the hard stuff, it's worth it.

What did you do for Memorial Day?

Anybody race this weekend?

Future races coming up?! Give us the details!! :)


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