Friday Stuff + The Anatomy Of A Hard Workout

Seriously. I have TWO more days of school lunches to pack and then we are finished for the school year! I really need some down time to refresh the batteries. The past month has been especially crazy with the rush of end of the year activities and next week will really be insane. Two schools, three kids = June madness. 
By the way, how is it June already? I feel like we just had Christmas break. I can hardly believe these kiddos will be going into 5th, 2nd and last year of preschool.

Captain Underpants The movie has arrived! I have read the book so many times to my kids and now the movie is finally here. Fun fact: The voice over actress part of me loves going to these animated movies, as I spent a lot of time working on commericals and a few animated TV shows. After years of voice training and auditions, I haven't worked in this industry in a while and some days I miss it.

Can I tell you how hungry I have been this week? I found myself trolling the pantry the other night, in desperate search of anything good to eat. I'm on tap for my first 50+ mile week in a while, so maybe that's why?

Let me I tell you about the monster workout I had on Wednesday. It was the first hard effort workout of the new season and I walked away drenched, glad to be finished, yet ready to put in some hard work this summer and see what happens. 

10.44 miles (on a Wednesday!) broken up like this:

2 mile warm up on my beloved trails

Then down to the roads for the tempo portion:

4 x 1.5 miles at 6:52 average pace (with 1:30 jog in between each set)

Ended with a 2 mile cool down.

There's something about running that extra half mile (as opposed to one mile repeats) that nails your butt. Lots of mental talk going on during this workout - first set was hard and by the third set I got into a good rythmn. At one point I broke the set into half mile segments times three (in my mind - not actually stopping) and that helped a lot mentally.  <-----Tip for you during mile and a half repeats!

Seven miles of recovery running yesterday and if the key is to run easy on the easy days, then I get an A+.

Finished up the month of May with 187.5 miles and onward to June.

Running Is My Recess - psyched about this movement and this awesome community of runners (check them out on Insta!) BTW, don't forget to buy a t-shirt, tank or mug - 10% goes to support Students Run LA! I can't wait to receive my shirt in the mail and of course I'll share it with you guys. #Runningismyrecess

Have a wonderful weekend filled with miles and smiles!

What's the toughest workout you've done in the past month?

How many miles are you running this weekend?


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