Friday Favorites!

Well hello weekend, I've been waiting for you :)

How's your week been? Running wise, I've had a good week - we are starting to lay down a foundation of miles to slowly start up training again. Patience is always the key word and I am content to be patient right now. Just keep running day after day and gradually add in some speed work (I had a good 8 miler yesterday with 10 x :30 second repeats) and knock off the post marathon recovery rust. I'm close to narrowing down a summer half marathon, looking for another and searching for some short races to try. Getting back into core work and weights and I'm always considering new ways to get stronger with weight training. It's been nearly four weeks since Boston - where did the time go?

There were a few awesome things that jumped out at me this week, and I wanted to share with you guys, so let's get to it!

1. THIS article from Outside Magazine. Four pros talking about how they each made a comeback after injury or pregnancy (or both!). Everyone has setbacks and it's nice to know that elite runners go through some of the same fears that we do. Super inspiring read.

2. The snack I had today was bomb. Period. I almost wished I hadn't discovered it, cause it's seriously addicting. Garlic and butter infused popcrack corn. :)
Pop a batch of fresh popcorn on the stove and while it's popping, melt two tablespoons of butter with 2 cloves of garlic (I used a garlic press). Pour over the popcorn immediately, add salt to taste and enjoy!

3. My friend Sandra was having a blast today swinging on THIS! Doesn't this look like so fun?! My kids would love it, but I want a turn!

4. Great article about Olympian Kerry Walsh Jennings - Lululemon's newest elite ambassador. She looks awesome in this white collection and love her attitude as a Mom and an athlete. Side note: I hope she is down to earth and cool in real life. Jerold got a chance to meet her at a charity event and said she was very kinda snobby... Say it isn't so, please! You know, here are my two cents on celebrities - actors, athletes, whoever. You have to be humble and kind... I mean you don't have to, and I think about what their life is like in a bubble. Do they encounter a lot of creepy people and it makes them keep their guard up? Could be. I like to go with the notion that you should keep your feet on the ground and be kind, but then I'm not a celebrity so... #thereyougo

5. In honor of Mother's Day, I wrote an article for Women's Running Magazine about my perspective as a Mother Runner. To all the Moms out there - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

Before I sign off, I have to chat about Running Is My Recess. It's my newest baby - I guess we could have gotten a dog, but I can't handle a fourth child right now. My kids are cautiously asking, but they know deep down that it's MOMMY who is going to be stuck with dog walking, poop cleaning, potty training, dog washing, dog training and everything else I am forgetting. I remember getting my first dog at like age 6, his name was Benji, he was a poodle and it was a not great experience. Who knew poodles could be mean?! I would jump on the couch screaming and my Mom would have to rescue me. Needless to say, we lovingly gave Benji to our neighbors who didn't have young kids and it was the best decision for our family. We adopted another dog named Benji (I was really into that name) months later. He was a cocker spaniel and an absolute dream. He was my constant companion for a long time...

Whoa, I digress. Sorry to veer off into the opposite direction. Running Is My Recess! Yes - it is up and running on Instagram. Tag your photos #runningismyrecess and connect with this growing community. We'd love to see where you went for a run today!! I am also featuring runners on my blog and Facebook each week...

Have a wonderful weekend!


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