Getting Back On Track + My Fall Marathon!

I'm really happy with the way this post marathon recovery time has worked out. I took a solid week off from running and then started back slowly, totally running how my body felt and resting a lot.
It's amazing how much your body goes through during a marathon - 26.2 miles of pounding on your joints and muscles, not to mention the fact that you are totally dialed in mentally for a lot of hours. The dramatic range of emotions you feel before, during and after - oh and don't forget about all the months of training as well. I think you are truly honoring your body by giving it ample time to really rest and recharge.

I have spent these past five weeks since Boston (where did the time go?! BTW, I still have more pictures to share...) focused on my kids and so many little things that go by the wayside during marathon training. I've organized a few closets, done a good amount of spring cleaning, started cooking and baking a bit more and attending a lot of end of the year school events. 

A rare date night

This time of year is so insane (right, Moms?) with the emotions of another school year coming to an end, happiness because we made it and sadness because my babies keep growing. Thankfulness that I don't have to prepare lunches for three months (we get out of school in June) and yet laser focused on what in the world are my kids going to do all summer, plus planning travel, summer birthdays (Megan and Jerold), camps and more. I remember thinking a couple of years ago that we would have so much more freedom with travel once everyone was potty trained and taking zero naps. The time has pretty much come (at four, Elle could take a nap - but she formally dropped it a while ago and she is SUCH a little girl now.) I find myself in a semi constant state of remembering to be in the moment - even when the kids are whiny, cranky and driving me crazy (cause this is real life, not some glossy magazine life), cause I know soon they'll want to be off with their friends more than hanging out with me and I don't want to miss a thing. Sometimes I find myself a little hyper sensitive about it - did I ask Josh enough questions about his day? Did I spend enough time reading with Megan? I should really give Elle a piggyback ride to the bath tonight...

I've also kept running at the forefront of my mind. I have this ability to firmly plant running RIGHT THERE in spite of the utter continued craziness of our life. Running definitely grounds me, provides such stress relief and relaxation (#runningismyrecess - this community is growing, hastag your photos, join us and be inspired!!) and I know each day is one step closer toward achieveing some big running goals.

Last week was a good base building week and with 46 miles logged, it was my biggest running week since well before Boston. Ended the week with 12 miles at 7:23 pace, which was a relief to get this evening run done before the sunset. Thoughts of not wanting to run in the dark + getting fired up about a fast fall marathon ended with me running this long run faster than I should have, but yet I needed it and finally felt like my legs were back and I felt fresh again.

Coach and I have talked a lot about the next marathon and I given a great deal of thought about which one I really want to run. I want to set myself up in the best way possible for success - which means the following: (And tips for anyone out there looking for a PR) ----->

1. Close to home (relatively and preferably in the same time zone)
2. COOL WEATHER. Of course you can't predict the weather, but you can have a pretty darn good idea based on years of data.
3. Fast course (based on the data again, but of it's ultimately what you want - if you don't run well on pancake flat courses, then you should probably skip Chicago...)
4. Good course support
5. Competitive field, but not a super huge race (although some runners do extremely well at huge big city races).

I narrowed it down to the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in November and the California International Marathon in December.
Both great races, big but not huge, very cool to cold weather, fast courses, good support, competitive field.

You probably can guess my answer...


Yeah, I'm going to race CIM in December, although I was very, very tempted by Indianapolis because it would be so easy to see my Dad and he could come to the race, which would be amazing.

I chose CIM because I have been trying to run this marathon for years. Literally years and something always comes up to prevent that, so I think 2017 is the year to do it. I will have to fly up to Sacramento, but it's a short flight and zero time change. Great course (I need to practice my downhill, which I need to fine tune that technique) and it is the location of the USA Marathon Championships this year! The field of women is going to be incredible and I can't wait to be a part of it. Every year this race has extremely cool to cold weather and I am going to relish that - I love the idea of running a marathon in 30-40 degree weather. 

Bonus: My Dad is coming here for Christmas!

Well, there it is - the fall marathon plan. 

Right now is just building a base again, dialing in some speed this summer, trying new things and enjoying lots of daylight, fresh peaches, watermelon, trail runs, camping, playing in the ocean, laughing, outdoor dinners, swimming, SUP, catching up with friends, taking a nap in the backyard and - enjoying life.

Take life by the horns and steer it in the direction you want to go.

Anything is possible.


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