Saturday, August 25, 2018

Super Human You

As I threw the beach towels into the washing machine this morning (an almost daily ritual as I try to have us packed and ready to go to the beach at all times), I thought: "Is it really the last Saturday in August?" I had to look at the calendar to convince myself that is indeed the case. August, you have been topsy turvy, crazy, wonderful, at times stressful and filled with joy. We have thoroughly enjoyed this last full month of summer before school begins. We've had bonfires, hiking adventures, surfed in the waves, worked on our swimming technique at the pool, rode our bikes, had impromptu dance parties, stayed up past bedtime, roasted a lot of marshmallows, experienced some incredible sunsets, had sweet parties with friends, read new books, explored museums and so much more. My heart is full of memories and we plan on packing more into this coming week.
As far as marathon training goes, the miles are adding up each day and week - I've been putting in the work and it hasn't been perfect, but the effort is there. Before I go to sleep each night, I've been remembering my goals and how incredible I'm going to feel when I accomplish them. Isn't it dynamic that goals keep you going -  that they keep you accountable and excited? Goals give you so much purpose and on those days where I don't feel like going for a second run, or I feel exhausted, I put on my superhero cape and think about how it will all be worth it.

Brooks Running always comes up with great campaigns, and I love the current one a lot. It's about discovering your Super Human You and how you have the power to do anything. They sent me the latest edition of the Levitate 2 (this shoes makes you feel like you're flying - I love it! More on this shoe when I get some miles on it) and this great mat to write my dream/what I have the power to do.
It took me two seconds to make a decision and it's simply to run a sub 3 hour marathon. I've had this big dream for a while now and I know there will be a lot of focus, determination and patience to achieve this goal. I have to develop strength at the end of the race when I'm so tired and I also know this will happen when my body is ready to make that breakthrough. I really do love the process of pushing myself and sometimes I close my eyes and imagine that incredible moment when I sprint down to the finish line and see the numbers 2:5X on the clock. I imagine the look on Jerold's face, the contorted scream coming from his gut, the leap into the air, the excitement from Josh and the sweet screaming from the girls. I see myself sprinting so hard, my lungs burning and yet none of it matters - the pain is irrevelant because I will have done it. I know that will be a moment that I will always remember. I imagine calling my coach immediately afterwards and yelling: "I did it coach!" and the words of pride he'll have for me. The tears will roll down my face and I won't be able to eat anything for recovery because I'll be too choked up.

Scene from Friday's run

I've never talked in detail to this extent about my immediate goal, but I love the fact that now it's out there in print, for everyone to see. The days where I doubt myself, I know that God has given me the ability to overcome any obstacle. He wants me to believe in myself more than I ever have and this is what I love about the power of running. To you my friends - I want you to find your Super Human You. Discover that big goal that scares you and speak it out loud... then wake up every day, refer to it and work your butt off for it. Let's help each other - sound good?

In other news, our 2nd edition newletter for Suite Run went out yesterday! I'd love it if you'd join us and sign up to receive a little goodness in your mailbox each week - I will not spam you :) just good stuff about running and travel.

Here's a pic from my interview with Alex Baxter that is featured in our newletter this week. Alex is the former Chief Digital Officer for Competitor Group (they own Women's Running Magazine, The Rock n Roll series and more) and I was thrilled to sit down with him for a chat (Jerold did an awesome job on the photography) and go for a short run together on Thursday. He and his wife are so wonderful and this was definitely a big highlight of our week!

In Alex's backyard talking about the amazing sunsets they see every evening.

I have a lot of fun stuff to share with you in the coming week! In the meantime, have an amazing weekend my friends.

Do awesome things.


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