Developing A Business From Scratch: Suite Run

Ten days ago, Jerold and I officially launched Suite Run. It feels like months ago and I had to actually look back at photos to remember the exact date. Since those long ten days ago, we've been hard at work - brainstorming, setting up meetings, attending meetings, talking, breathing, thinking about Suite Run. Between launching this business, training for the Ventura Marathon (60 days! and I have something for YOU. A discount for 10% off the awesome Ventura Marathon on October 21st - use code GoNatalie2018) and hard core parenting with school not starting until after Labor Day, it has been intense. I wake up in the morning so excited with all the possibilies of the day ahead (and a little tired - marathon training = more sleep, which has to happen cause I have big goals for Ventura). Starting a business is a lot like running a marathon: you have to take a slow, methodical approach, believe in yourself, work consistently and diligently and never give up - even on the tough days.

We had a lot of time to talk, dream and plan on our big hike up to Mt. Baldy last month.

It really hit home how much running has woven itself into our relationship. When Jerold and I first met shortly after college, I knew I wanted to run my first marathon and started preparing for it pretty much right after we met. He was there for my first marathon and we've never looked back. Building Suite Run together (or any business model that is centered around running) was really in our destiny and this is a huge dream big moment for us. I also knew that we wanted to offer something tangible and valuable that people could use, appreciate and incorporate into their lives.

Runners just want to run and we won't let travel derail us from that.

What is Suite Run?

Suite Run is a business that organically merges runners and travel together. We want traveling runners to feel like they can grab a map with a beautiful, safe and accessible route that shows them where to run. No fuss, no overthinking - just run. The map will be at the hotel desk, or downloaded to your mobile phone (with audible turn by turn directions.) Of course we thought of the app, and we'll develop that soon. We envision ice cold bottles of water, maybe fresh fruit and ideas of where to grab a cold pressed juice, some extra running accessories, get a massage (if the hotel doesn't offer it), have a great lunch... All you have to think about is your run, getting it done and having fun (or getting to your morning meeting). This business model has been done in other hotel chains, but we want to focus on the independent hotels. Hotels that don't have a mega brand name but still want to offer their guests the very best. Fitness is HUGE in our world - people want to work out, it destresses them and make them happy.

Yes, this is me - but isn't this the geeky smile we all have after a run?

We also have started a newletter and our first edition went out last week. We are committed to publishing a weekly edition that will have interviews (you guys - we have some GOOD people lined up for interviews. Stay tuned), gear we are loving, helpful information for runners, travel tips and so much more. I know you don't want to miss the next edition, so sign up :)
You can sign up HERE.

One thing for me is that I have to get used to talking about Suite Run - a lot. I'm so excited about it and I can't wait to share so much with you guys and get feedback from you! I love connecting with all of you and thank you for following along for the last (almost) four years of my training, running, racing, product reviews, family life, ups and downs and so much more. I'll still be doing all of that and weaving in what it's like to emerge yourself in a start up as well. This should be a fun ride!

Oh, and to everyone who has sent me a note of encouragement with such positive feedback on Suite Run - thank you, I/we so appreciate it! By the way we are also on Insta, Twitter, Facebook and working on our You Tube Channel (Nat and Jerold on You Tube - this should be interesting :).

Lots of miles to run this week, lots of recovery and enjoying these last weeks of summer. The August sunsets have been incredible.

Scene from yesterday's run

Happy running my friends and never give up on your dreams.
Keep going - it's working!


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