Goodbye August, Training Is Ramping Up A Bit + Stride Box

As I felt the warm tap on my nose, my eyes reluctantly fluttered open and Elle was standing in front of me asking to climb into our bed. Instinctively, I knew it was well before dawn and I wasn't ready to give up my warm cocoon just yet. As she climbed in and snuggled under my arm, I had the overwhelming sense that really nothing else in the world matters. Give me this moment, give me this time and I promise I won't squander it. I promise as you march away from me for a little more independence, that I'll remember at the core of everything - you are still my baby.

During one of our beach bonfire evenings.

When I looked at the training schedule this week, I gulped a bit and then put it out of my mind. Each day is a day of renewal and growth, a time to reset and tackle things one at a time. It's just running and the real epicenter of training won't happen for a while. I think if I focus on more strength work and quality, deep sleep every night - the miles will obviously happen and I'll feel refreshed and ready for workouts. School beginning will bring change for our family - change is necessary and vital for growth is what I keep telling myself. My thoughts lately often turn to how much can I accomplish while the kids are away during the day... I want to make every hour have a purpose, no matter how mundane. Fold 5 loads of laundry (and put it away) from 8:30-9:30 am? Yes. Allocate time for the business, networking, phone calls, pitches, writing, exploring hotel running routes, meal prep and some running/training for myself too? Yes. Yes, I can.
We've been having lazy mornings this week...

Stay in pj's and read in the mornings? Yes, please. All while wearing the Garmin that she never takes off. Oh and to all the people that have gorgeous patio furniture with multiple children - I applaud you. That is indeed paint on my couch, but at least it's outside, right?

I love this video. Wow, this is the making of an athlete for sure. Don't you love the tag line? It's only a crazy dream until you do it. YES. YES.


I had a good tempo workout yesterday. 8 miles at 6:54 (+ 1 mile warm up and cool down) and I worked for it. I'm not even going to sit here and give you the impression that it was cake...

I worked for it. #keepgoing

Who says your dreams can't be fulfilled because of wherever you are in life right now? Who says?
YOU call your own shots. YOU fufill your own destiny. Sweep away the noise of anything (or anything) telling you, NO. It's always up to you. You can do it.

I got my Stride Box earlier this month for August and wanted to share it with you, cause I love this box. It makes me happy every month. It's not a bill or endless streams of junk mail...

Love these training tips

Normally, I have one picture that I take of the entire contents of the box. For some reason that picture is gone from my phone. Or maybe I imagined taking it? At any rate, I did an Insta Story, so I was able to go back and get screen shots of everything, so I apologize for all the pics! :)

I haven't tried THIS yet, but will come in handy during a workout. So much to try during marathon training!

Loved the way THIS made my water taste!

I'm excited to try THIS after my super long run this weekend.

Loved the taste of THIS energy bar.

Ate THIS after a workout one day - in like 1 minute :)

THESE were so good! They tasted so clean - not too sweet.

I'm ready for the long weekend! I also have a 19 mile run on Sunday, so have to gear up for that. Happy Labor Day weekend friends!

Dream Big.


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