Erie Marathon Training Recap: 16 Weeks Till Race Day!

I am so used to writing Boston Marathon Training Recap, that my fingers didn't even know how to type Erie Marathon. I have had Boston on the brain for so long...

Last week started the first week of marathon training and it felt super low key. This is a good thing :) 
I feel like I am just easing my way into a good groove, a nice sustainable rhythm while juggling life.

No doctor's appointment is complete without a lollipop! 

Mom's life!

Wednesday was the first workout with a longer speed element to it and it felt good to get my legs moving. 2 miles to warm up, 4 mile progression tempo starting at mid 7 minute pace and ending at low seven. I realize I read the workout incorrectly and did not end up doing a progression workout. The bright side was that I got a somewhat speedy 4 miles in, and looking forward to getting faster in the coming months :)

Friday evening we took the kiddos to their very first track meet! We drove to Occidental College (near Pasadena) for the Hoka One One Middle Distance meet. The track meets leading up to the Olympic Trials are always super exciting and we had a lot of fun cheering with the Oiselle women!
So neat to watch the women race - the majority came in just over 15 minutes. One of the most impressive moments was watching the last woman come in - she didn't give up even though everyone else was finished. She finished in just over 16 minutes, which is still incredibly fast! A good lesson for kids - even if you are in last place, you run strong till the end. Never give up. Finish what you started.

Explaining the women's 5,000 to my kiddos

I think it's safe to say that we love running!

Saturday night we had a date night! We went to a movie (has anyone seen Money Monster? It was pretty good) and later realized we should just go to dinner on our date night - more time to really talk. Which goes to show life isn't perfect, you just have fun and hang on for the ride. #lifelessons

Date night

Sunday I ran an early morning 13 mile run with some super star runners and we had a great time together. Blessed to run with these awesome athletes!

Good times on the run!!

Here are my workouts for the week:

Monday May 16th - 6 easy miles

Tuesday May 17th - 6 easy miles

Wednesday May 18th - 8.8 miles; 2.2 mile warm up, - 4 mile tempo: 7:02, 7:03, 6:59, 7:06 - 2.6 mile cool down.

Thursday May 19th - 6 easy miles

Friday May 20th - REST DAY

Saturday May 21st - 5 easy treadmill miles

Sunday May 22nd - 13 easy paced miles (8:14 pace)

Dynamic stretching every day before I run, stretching and core work at night. Weights 3 times this week, including Iron Strength for Runner's DVD.

Need to focus on: Getting in the pool this week!!!

Total miles for the week: 44.8

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!

When is the last time you've been to a track meet? 

What movies have you seen lately?



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