Fantastic running socks - Nat's Runbits #1

Okay, it's Thanksgiving Eve and I am finishing up the cooking for the big day.
Have to get to bed relatively early so I can be fresh and ready for the Turkey Trot tomorrow morning :)

So, here it is...the very first "Nat's Runbit" of the day!

This is super simple, but (as we all know) oh so important for running. 


I had been running in okay socks, and I didn't realize until this summer how much more lovely running could be with superior socks! 

Feetures socks are the best! They prevent blisters, they are super-comfy and they keep your feet cool, dry and happy. 
I buy two or three pair every time I go to my local running store.

Happy feet  = a very happy runner.

I like the light cushion, low cut version as seen below, but they have so many variations!


Click on the sock

What is your favorite running sock?

Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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