Pacific Palisades 4th Of July 5k Race Recap

Fourth of July is the number one holiday of summer and I love how our town celebrates it with all the fun and fanfare that it deserves. The morning starts off with the annual 5k, 10k and kids races, which have been going on for 41 years. The 10k is super hilly, partially on trail and one of the toughest in the nation, the 5k is run in the residential areas of town. Our family goes to the races every year and this year I decided to run the 5k and Josh would be running it too - his very first 5k race.

Our day started with an early wake up to arrive early to pick up our race bibs. Josh and I then ran a one mile warm up followed by our dynamic exercises. I needed a quick bathroom stop and we got to the starting line just in time for the race.
I made a last minute decision to run, and I knew I would give it my best effort as a speed workout and not worry about the rest - just get out there and have fun.

I didn't look at my watch and the first mile I didn't feel like I was going fast  - in fact I was thinking I hope I'm going fast enough, since a 5k is pretty much a gut buster from start to finish.
First mile: 6:02
I knew the second mile had a hill and was pretty much net uphill, but tried to charge it as much as I could - I felt the fade and pushed everything out of my mind.
Second mile: 7:06
Ouch on the second mile (and the sub 20 minute just went out the window) and yet since it wasn't a goal race, I didn't let it rattle me - just keep going and try to recover on the third mile.
Third mile: 6:54
Time to sprint to the finish with good form and be competitive all the way to the end. These races are what make you stronger for the marathon.
Finished in 20:48 and turned around to see Josh finish...

He's got legs and arms like his Dad 

This awesome kid finished in 22:30 (7:12 pace!) and I am just blown away by his performance with zero training. Josh will be running cross country in the fall for the 6th grade team and this race has made him so excited. He now wants to get on a regular running schedule and really see what he can do in the fall. This was such a proud moment for Jerold and I - our Josh is really growing up!

LA friends - if you are looking for a fantastic local race to run for 4th of July - put this race on your list! The medal is really classic and patriotic...

There was plenty of fruit and water to cool off and refuel after the race...

Everywhere you looked, there was a sea of red, white and blue decorations....

This was painted on the ground near the start/finish area.

There were balloons, banners and streamers everywhere and they gave all the kids flags!

So many kids were attendance, which makes it such a wonderful event for families to get an early start on the holiday!

Josh's fast time was fast enough for 3rd place in his age group - meaning there are a lot of fast kids in our town who love to run.

Top two boys ran sub 7 pace!

Everyone that ran received this awesome t-shirt (I love these shirts and my kids have kept their shirts from past years).

They also gave everyone a pair of festive leggings!

As my kids grow, each holiday tradition means so much to us. I just want to freeze time and keep them at this age forever. Please, slow down summer...

I placed 3rd woman overall, which was a good start to my summer season of getting faster and stronger.

Everyone dresses up for the races! Photo credit: Gwen

So many people think of LA as a big, overwhelming city - our town is a small, quaint little town by the sea that offers a home town feel with wonderful people. Whether you decide to run the 5k or 10k, I hope to see you guys out there next year!

Happy Summer!

Do awesome things.


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