Monday, July 30, 2018

Summer Breeze 5K Race Recap

The clock sounded off with it's musical ring at 5:00 am and I could feel myself groaning inside. Granted, 5 am is pretty late compared with some of my wake up times for marathons, but still - my bed felt oh so cozy and the house was silent with the fog of children blissfully sleeping. Was I really going to place my feet on the floor and interrupt the sound of silence? I groaned again and yet I knew this is how you get better and stronger - you have to go outside of your comfort zone. I had promised myself I would race two 5ks this month and I was determined to do just that.
My clothes were laid out and I dressed quickly, grabbed a banana and water (I don't eat a lot for a 5k and I had a big dinner the evening before) and started waking everyone up. We were able to get out of the house pretty easily and arrived at the race about 6:40 am (for a 7:30 am start). Josh and I ran a warm up together - one mile for him and two for me (I also added in 4 - 15 second sprints), followed by dynamic stretches and we were ready to run. 

No pics pre race, but I love this of us post race.

This was Josh's second 5k race ever and I love the excitment he feels about running. He was pumped to go out and give it his all and he definitely did - I am so proud of him! For some reason, we got a little separated at the start of the race so he wasn't next to me...

The course was a simple out and back race with no real surprises. The weather was overcast, but a little humid - I was definitely sweating already at the start of the race. I felt warmed up and ready to run, but when the gun went off it took me a bit to feel comfortable and settle in. I played it conservative and didn't run too hard at the beginning. There was a girl in front of me and I was trying to judge how strong she was (most of these local races are filled with young men and boys at the front). I passed her after the first 800 meters and I tried to fill my mind with confidence and keep running hard. We came to the turn around pretty quickly and as I rounded the turn I could see Josh right behind me. Seeing my Josh at that moment brought two quick thoughts to my mind:

1. Well, you knew this would happen - Josh will ultimately beat you/give you a run for your money (which is so awesome!).

2. I'm going to use this as motivation to run hard and not let him catch me.

The rest of the race I knew Josh was right behind me, hunting me down and I could feel the pain of running running mile after mile at 6:2xx pace. The last mile came and I tried self talk: "You can do anything for one mile", "You are strong, you are fast" , "Pick up your feet and run harder". I know that I have a lot of work to do to get my fast twitch muscles engaged and run a 5k faster than my half marathon pace - this is the start of that journey.

19:52 for me (a PR and I finally broke 20 minutes for the first time since... college)...

Can I ever take a finish line pic without stopping my watch? #goals

20:13 for this awesome kid (over a 2 minute PR from 4th of July!) and look at the pure JOY on Josh's face! This is running my friends...

I couldn't be more proud.

Life is so sweet...

Jerold volunteered at the race directing the runners and I loved seeing him at the finish. My Mom and the girls also volunteered with giving the runners their goody bags, food and water. It so neat to have them all there! That morning really made me realize how huge running is in our family - the greatest feeling...

I didn't get a lot of pics of them (and none of sweet Megan) - this is a screenshot from video.

After the race I ran a 5 mile cool down, which gave me 10.1 solid miles for the day. Then we rushed home to get ready for church and I was really happy that we were able to do both. Once the initial shock is over, I love waking up early and accomplishing so much by noon.

Raced in the Brooks Launch 5 - makes me feel fast!

Now off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Monday - pool time and then off to a beach where you can make a bonfire! The kids are so excited to roast s'mores on the beach and swim at sunset. 

I love summer.

Happy running friends and do awesome things.


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