60 Miles + I Wasn't Feeling It Till Saturday

You know those weeks that seem absolutely endless? Yeah, I had one of those and I felt pretty out of it the whole week. Moving by auto pilot each day, going through the motions - having many days where I had zero desire to run. What? Yes. I had many days where I didn't want to run AT ALL and it was incredibly difficult to force myself out the door. By Thursday, I started to question if maybe I was coming down with the flu? No. That wasn't it... I think weeks like these are normal and okay. If we felt great every single day on every single run - well, I guess we would be super human.
My speed workout (which is usually on Wednesday), was moved to Thursday since I had the race last Sunday. I ended up moving it to Friday, becuase Thursday was crazy, crazy and I also didn't feel like I had much energy to run fast on Thursday.
Finally, I knew I had to try to get this done on Friday and the first rep felt like death. I mean, I was so depleted after the first 600 meter (I had 10 to do) that I really doubted that I could finish. I was like, "I'm done". Then you talk yourself into doing just one more and then by number four it feels better and by number eight I knew I could finish.
Sleep. I know I talk about sleep a lot, but as athletes, sleep is critical to the healing/recovery process. I've been making it my job to go to bed every night for eight plus hours. It's become a game - how fast can I make it to bed. What? I have to finish this task? Nope. I've got to go to bed. Only seven hours and fifty seven minutes? Shoot! The thing is, you have to take it seriously, because the alarm clock doesn't care - it goes off at the SAME TIME every morning and it has zero mercy. Ugh.

Every day is a new day toward your goals. #justrun

I'm happy with my sleep this week and I'm proud of myself for staying strong through a less than stellar week of feeling good about running. Finally, on Saturday morning I bounded  cautiously lifted myself out of bed and felt excited about running. Sure enough it was a great eight mile day and then fifteen on Sunday felt like nothing was ever wrong. (insert sigh of relief).
Although I'm not "marathon specific training" right now, I am building a critical base that is important to the overall health of this training cycle. I can't begin to tell you how pumped I am about it and my journey toward big goals. On the bad days, you shake your head and wonder: "How am I going to run x pace for 26.2 miles?" Other days, you confidently feel that it is going to happen if you put in the work, pace well and BELIEVE.

Josh took this. #proudmom

Let's make this post short, sweet and down to business, shall we?

Monday Feb 5th - 4 easy miles (post race)

Tuesday Feb. 6th - 8 miles

Wednesday Feb. 7th - 8 miles

Thursday Feb. 8th - 8 miles

Friday Feb. 9th - 2 mile w/up, 10 x 600s (at 6:00-6:10 pace. I did the first half at 6:10 and second half going down toward 6:00 - last three were in 6 min. range), 1:30 jog in betweem, 2 mile c/d = 9 miles

I used the Energy Gummi Bears for this workout!
Also, the protein Cake Bites taste like heaven.

Saturday Feb 10th - 8 miles

Sunday Feb. 11th - 15 miles

Long run felt fantastic in new shoes! Brooks Ghost 10 #runhappy

Finally a run where I felt good this week.

Post run with this sweet 7 year old girl - love her so. #Megan

Total Miles: 60

Onward to a new week and I'm feeling great about it + Valentine's Day + almost mid Feb?

How do you deal with running when you aren't feeling up to it (but not sick)?

Which spring races are you training for?

Do Awesome things.


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