Boston Marathon Training Recap: 9 weeks Till Race Day!

Wow - it's getting really people. We are down to single digits. 
9 weeks till Boston, which means less than that for hard core training. I feel like this year is flying by already! Anyone else feel that way?!

It was a good week of running and let me just say - every week that I complete good, solid training, I feel so blessed.
So thankful to be injury free, feeling strong, excited and ready to tackle the next round of workouts.

I know I have to keep grinding. Keep pushing and good things will come. I imagine that must be what Olympians think during their training. They are on such a completely different level, but I am sure they think about how amazing it will feel to cross that finish line and you know are forever going to be in history. You are representing your country at the Olympic games!!

Last week was Valentine's week and my kids were so excited. We were making Valentines every day!

Hearts for her friends!

Let's take a look at my workouts for last week:

Monday February 8th - DAY OFF. Today was a rest day following Sunday's half marathon.

Tuesday February 9th - 5 recovery miles

Wednesday February 10th - 7 easy miles

Thursday February 11th - 7 miles with 8 x 20 second pick ups (6:30 down to 5:00 pace for the pick ups)

Friday February 12th - 7 easy miles

Saturday February 13th - 17 miles (starting at 3:58 am - we were going to be at the Olympic Trials all day) at 8:04 pace with a 7:42 last mile finish. 

17 miles in the dark

Sunday February 14th - DAY OFF (Happy Valentine's Day!)

 I haven't had a 5 day week of running in a long while and it was so nice to have two days off.

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Total miles: 43

This week is a step up week in kind of a big way - the most miles I have run this cycle thus far. 
Excited for the challenge and hoping to get a lot of sleep this week (so far this has been a dream more than reality!)

Another pic of my sweet girl cutting and arranging flowers at her Valentine's party.
I hope she grows up with the confidence that she can do anything in this world. All you need is a dream...

I love this article about Shalane and how she felt during the race on Saturday. Crazy that this was the hottest weather on record for the trials!

Have a great week friends! 

Run fast, take chances.

What is your big running goal for 2016?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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