My Experience With Bambino Sitters

I can't believe it's been one week since The California International Marathon and the memories are still so fresh in my mind. As an athlete and a Mom, sometimes I need to leave my kiddos at home while I travel for a race. Jerold and I don't have a lot of family nearby, so there are times when we need to turn to a babysitter to help care for our kids.  One of the highlights of my weekend away was the knowledge that my kids were happy, safe, engaged and well cared for when I was away. 

We used Bambino Sitters for the weekend and it was such a great experience. One detail that first stood out for me, was the fact that Bambino has a thorough, easy to navigate app that allows you to sort through qualified babysitters right from your phone. The babysitters are all in or close to your neighborhood, and you are able to read reviews about each sitter - many of them from your very own neighbors. The app also allows you to search through parents that you know in your area who have used sitters that they love and you can request the same sitters for your own family.

Another feature that I loved was the fact that I could message my babysitter right from the app - no searching for phone numbers. Simply click on your sitters name and you can easily exchange texts with them before, during and after the babysitting session.
I had never had a service take care of my kids for an entire weekend (My Mom took care of them over night and early mornings  - thanks Mom!) before and it was important for me to introduce myself and get to know the sitter before she arrived. Each sitter was super responsive, friendly and I really felt at ease that I could communicate with them while they were with my kids. For instance, Josh had a major ear surgery right before Thanksgiving and I wanted to make sure that he followed his surgeon's orders and not play rough or jump around. I left a detailed one sheet for each sitter, but we also texted and they gave informative feedback on how the kids were doing. One sitter even took beautiful photos of my kids that I've included here - such a personal touch and I really was able to focus on my race and not worry about my kids.

Check out these additional great features that Bambino offers its clients:

1. Various levels of babysitters at different price points. Some parents may desire a junior babysitter (13 - 15 year old) to come over as a Mother's Helper or a sitter to play with the kids while you go and run a few errands, or take some 'Me' time. I have a good friend who hires a sitter just so she can go on a run when her husband is traveling.

You can also choose:

- Standard Sitter (15-18 years old)
- Advanced Sitter (18 years plus)
- Elite Sitter (18 + and background checked)

2. Paying your babysitter is SO EASY. Personally, I can say I have been there - you hire a babysitter that only takes cash... which means we usually have to make an ATM stop on the way home from our date. Yeah, you really don't want to have to worry about that detail. Let's face it, time is precious, we don't go out a lot and I want to soak in every moment. With Bambino, you pay solely through the app. Click the button at the end of the session while you're sitting on the couch and it's done. Easy peasy.

Give yourself the gift and necessity of a little time - hire a great babysitter and off you GO - no worries included.

Check out Bambino! Use the code NATRUNSFAR to get $10 off your babysitting (new parents only).

Do Awesome Things.


** This is a sponsored post, but as always - all opinions are my own.

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