5 Weeks Till CIM + How To Recover From A Half Marathon

Are you guys feeling like fall is cruising right on by? I can't believe it's almost November, which means the marathon is right around the corner! Five weeks from today it'll be time to head on up to Sacramento, sleep, eat, hydrate, relax and get ready to pour my heart into 26.2 miles.
As for now, I've been recovering this week from the Ventura Half Marathon - easy runs all week with some pick ups on one run so far. I have a lonnnng run on tap this weekend - hint: it's over 20 miles - so really focusing on sleep and lots of gentle stretching. I'm still letting the PR soak in and allowing that feeling of accomplishment and euphoria propel me into these final weeks of training. I know the race will be a big bow on top of all the hard work, but it's really the training that is fulfilling me right now. Day after day (after day!) of running on the roads and trails that I love, pushing myself hard and really finding joy in the journey. I run because I truly love it and it never gets old. Yeah, there are days when it's not magical or days when I can't wait to finish because I need to move on to the next thing. Even through the craziness, I can truly say after all these years of running, I still love it and I know I always will.

Want to take a look at what my training has been like lately? I enjoy sharing with you guys and as we all know, it's not easy. There are so many moving parts that go into training for a marathon or any endurance sport. Making the time to train, motivating yourself to stay on top of strength training, nutrition and hydration... it all takes time and energy. We also know that when we toe the starting line, there is an air of confidence and excitment that this is your moment. You worked hard for it and it's time to lay it all out there. Zero regrets.

Monday October 16th - REST DAY. After a 20 mile day yesterday, it was good to completely rest today.

Tuesday October 17th - 8 easy miles

Wednesday October 18th - 10 miles: 5 easy paced and 5 a little quicker at 7:09 pace. Goal was just to get the legs turning a bit, since there was a race on Sunday.

Thursday October 19th - 8 easy miles

Friday October 20th - 6 easy miles

Saturday October 21st - 4 easy miles

Sunday October 22nd - Half Marathon Race = 15.66 total miles for the day with w/up and c/d. Still riding the PR high and big, gigantic thanks to my coach for all of his help, guidance and advice to get me to this point. Onward we go!

Total Miles: 51.66

I also did five days of core work and two days of strength this week.

Now the question is, how to recover after the hard effort you put in for a half marathon race?

How To Recover From A Half Marathon

1. Hydrate and replenish.
Your body has been through a lot and now it's time to give back what you have lost. Water, chocolate milk and an electrolyte drink are good choices for hydration. Nuun had a big booth at the half marathon and I filled up on lots of cups in ALL the flavors.
If you aren't super hungry, try to just nibble in small amounts to not overwhelm your stomach. For instance, I ate strawberries and half of a waffle within twenty minutes of finishing.

2. Stretch ang jog
It's not a good idea to stop and sit down after you cross the finish line. A better idea is to walk around, sip on a drink and stretch your muscles. Soon after, go on a cool down jog of a mile or so to flush out lactic acid and jump start recovery. You'll have plenty of time to sit during the car ride home.

3. Ice bath
When you arrive home or back at the hotel, try and sit in a bathtub of ice - it really does make a difference! 

4. Epsom Salt Bath
Later that night before bed, sit in a warm bath of epsom salt for at least 20 minutes. 

5. Roll Your Muscles
After the bath, roll out your muscles with a foam roller or your device of choice. I use both - a foam roller for the glutes and upper thigh. I also use the Roll Recovery R8 roller for the majority of legs and thighs.

6. Sleep
Sleep, sleep, sleep. Your body has done a lot for you over the course of 13.1 miles, now you need to rest. Put yourself to bed early each night all week and schedule a nap if you can. Sleep is critical to repair damaged muscles.
Don't forget to keep hydrating.

Have an amazing weekend!

What is the first you thing you do after crossing the finish line of a race?

How many days do you take off after a race?

Do Awesome Things.


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