Boston Marathon Training: 6 Weeks To Go!!

Hey you guys. 
I picked up my computer several times last week to write and between a yucky cold (that thankfully was really bad for only 48 hours), kids and a 62 mile week...
Yeah, there were a lot of early bedtimes, stretching, eating and Mom life going on for me.

Thank you so much for all of your sweet words about my son Josh. We go back to the doctor today for his three week post op check up and I really hope he gets the all clear to be active again. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers going on around here!

Training has been on fire. I had zero days off last week and I could feel the hard work being done. These are the weeks that you remember - the ones that flash through your mind during the marathon (especially that last 10K) and propels you forward. You can't even think about giving up, because you know all the work and sacrifices that have been put forth.

Strength training has been a huge priority this week and of course always plugging away on PT exercises and core work. You wanna run fast - get your core and glutes in order.

I have been rolling my muscles like a boss - before and after each run and I have an epsom salt bath date practically every night. A heavenly 90 minute massage happened this week (life changing) and I have another scheduled in a couple of days. I purchased a new pair of shoes (Brooks Ghost 9) and I am thinking about the shoe I will wear for the marathon. It may be the new Launch 4 as it is a lighter, faster shoe and I will try that out in the coming weeks.

I am so excited to keep working my butt off during this month, because I know a month from now the taper will begin and it will be time to put the hay in the barn.

For now, there is a whole lot of hay left to be made, so let's catch up on the past two weeks of workouts, shall we?

Monday Feb. 20th - 5 easy trail miles

Tuesday Feb. 21st - 5 easy treadmill miles

Wednesday Feb. 22nd - 10 miles on the road

Thursday Feb. 23rd - 10 miles on the treadmill - 
2 mile warm up, 5 x 1 mile repeats (6:28, 6:24, 6:20, 6:16, 6:09), .25 jog in between, 2 mile cool down
**Making progress on these mile paces. Short term goal - get low sixes on all of them. #boom

Friday Feb. 24th - 4 easy miles on the road

Saturday Feb. 25th - REST

Sunday Feb. 26th - 15 miles on the road - 10 miles easy, 5 miles at 7:04 pace

Total Miles: 49 

Then things got real in the mileage dept.  :)

Monday Feb. 27th - 4 easy miles on the road
** Love these easy, recovery days. I focus on the joy of running, paces are what they are and I have a lot of fun.

Tuesday Feb. 28th - 6 easy miles on the road 

Wednesday March 1st - 10 miles - 3 mile warm up, 5 mile tempo at 6:40 overall pace, 2 mile cooldown
** This workout was one of the highlights of my week. My body really pulled through, as I was not feeling well and doubting whether I could accomplish the paces that I needed to hit. Really happy with this effort (and was super glad when it was done!)

Thursday March 2nd - 6 easy miles

Friday March 3rd - 10 easy miles

Saturday March 4th - 6 beautiful miles on a trail that I love!
**This run was heaven. I feel so lucky to have access to these trails!! 

Sunscreen in full effect.

Sunday March 5th - 20 miles at 7:40 pace!!
**Took 3 GU (Salted Watermelon, Pineapple, and Blueberry Pomegranate. I've decided I prefer Espresso and Vanilla) and tried Run Gum (humm - the jury is still out on this - have you tried it?) during the course of this long, long run. Water every 3-4 miles with Enduropacks.

Immediately after the run. They are my everything. Oh, and then I stuffed a banana and almond butter in my mouth, stretched for 5 minutes and hauled my butt to the shower. Crackers with more almond butter on the way, lots of water. I had to rush and take my daughter to yet another birthday party! I ate a lot at the party and then a healthy dinner (I made chicken and zucchini Pho soup!!) afterwards. So thirsty, so tons of water.
PS: I love my son even more for not caring how sweaty I am.

Total Miles: 62

Six weeks till the race, which means we leave for Beantown in less than six. Whoop!!

Have a great start to the week!!

Tell me something fun you did this weekend!

Is it still cold where you are?


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