Jump Rope and Push Up Workout

Maybe it's because we are on the cusp of December, but I feel pumped and ready to end 2016 on a super awesome, rad, killer, kick ass kind of note.

First, I'm excited to share this workout with you! It's easy, you can do it anywhere (home, gym, park, on your front lawn - anywhere you feel comfortable!) and you only need a jump rope.

I know how to run, I am working on running faster, but I also want to be a great athlete - which I know will help me to become a better marathoner.

Whether you want to run faster, get in better shape, or keep calories at bay the entire month of December (and beyond) - this is a great way to do it...


Hard, sturdy surface
Jump rope
Running or cross training shoes

The Workout:

10 rotations of jump rope followed by 
10 push ups

Repeat five times

Note: Start at your level and decide what is comfortable for you.
Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.


What are your goals in the last month of the year?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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