Life Lately + How Much Do We Rely On Running For Happiness?

Unbelievable that it is the last Friday in August, right? My kiddos are out of school until after Labor Day, so we are enjoying every last drop of summer. 
I have had so much fun with them and we have created some really wonderful, unforgettable memories together. Then there are moments that I feel like my bag of tricks is empty, I don't have any more fun game ideas or wild excursions, and I'm ready to hunt down a 17 year girl and beg her to play with my kids.

Blogging this summer hasn't been as robust as I would love it to be. I start a post and then suddenly there is a little person that needs something NOW MOMMY. 
Nighttime rolls around and exhaustion sets in so deep that I can't imagine writing a coherent sentence.

After dinner serenity

I am also still dealing with the crazy plantar fasciitis. My doctor told me two months ago that it was an acute case. An injury that I needed to treat constantly and give it time. I didn't like hearing that in the least, but I knew that I had to listen - ha, my foot made me listen.
I canceled a September marathon, and settled in for what I thought would be a few weeks. Surely, it wouldn't last longer than that?
Three months later and here I am, still battling and there have been times that I think it got the best of me. There have been moments of sadness, moments of frustration, moments of (yes) tears.
Why am I going through another entire summer of injury? I think to myself.

I realize that God doesn't give me more than I can bear, but I kinda need a break here God. Although, who am I to dictate how much is too much?
Jerold and I were talking the other night, and thank goodness my husband doesn't mind me constantly talking about my foot or some aspect of not running. Anyway, I asked him "Do you think I base too much of my happiness around running?"
His answer? "You should blog about it, I think it'll make you feel better and maybe it'll help someone else."
I will clarify and say that my kids and husband make me immensely happy, it's just that running makes me happy in a different way.

Happiness times a million, but I miss running.

I do feel super blessed to have such amazing friends - people like my friend Tina, who I had a chance to talk to on the phone the other week. We have never met, and yet it was like we've known each other forever. She was so kind and incredibly helpful - I hung up feeling refreshed and ready to face anything.

And my sweet friend Jen, who graciously offered to fly to Sacramento and run the last 12 miles of CIM with me to help chase a PR. I just need to start training :)

And my coach, who is always there - planning and helping me achieve whatever I want to achieve.

I have another round of acupuncture tomorrow morning and my foot is feeling so much better this week.
Better after taking 4 weeks off completely, going on vacation (three National parks in the most stunning locations. Happy Birthday to the National Park Service! Separate post coming on our trip.) and running slowly. Four miles at first, five at the most - and then realizing that my foot was angry with me. Again.
We got back from our trip the first week in August, I tried more running and then decided to take additional time off. I even took a few days off from all exercise - just total rest. Swimming (and pool running) are becoming my go to workout for now and I am working on getting stronger in that area.

Saturday, Jerold and I had a fun date night! A party thrown by my friend Leslie (an amazing runner) and she knows how to throw a party. We had so much fun! Tons of food, a live band, followed by a DJ - say what? There is nothing like partying with a bunch of runners and triathletes - we were all talking about what we love, running.

Everyone had to dress in white!

Sunday was the men's marathon (Go Galen, Jared and Meb!) and as I woke up at 5 am, I realized that dancing, (yes dancing - even in my Birkenstocks!) made my foot so angry. Ugh...
So, the rest of this week was filled with cross training and rest. I am hoping to run on Monday and I am going to take it like a serious beginner - 2 minutes of running, 1 minute of rest and so on for two miles. IF that goes well, I will do the same on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

I am not giving up yet on racing CIM the first weekend in December, so we'll see where the cards fall.

Boston registration is coming up in the next few weeks and that is always exciting! 

Happy weekend my friends and happy running (run some miles for me, will ya?)

Happiness Is Running Life.

Anything fun planned this weekend? Do tell!

How much does not running affect your mood?


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