Diz Runs Podcast + A Running Update!

Is it just me, or does it feel like summer is flying by?

Our summer has been filled with a ton of fruit (juicy, burst in your mouth peaches, delectable plums, blueberries by the boatload...), non stop pool time, walks at the beach, days where we stay in PJ's till 10 am, and just a whole lot of FUN. The kids have had some great camps to go to, but the last couple of weeks we have been hanging out together. Zero agenda, no place to rush off to, no hurrying out the door. It has been SO nice and a much needed break. It's been interesting to watch the process of my kids unwinding. They are so used to being on a GO, GO, GO schedule, that it was a little difficult for them to slow down. Now, they love digging for worms in the backyard, laying under a tree, searching for roly polys, and discovering toys they had forgotten about.
The joys of a lazy, hazy summer...

Running has not been on the agenda for me the last three weeks. As a runner, you start to understand the stages of non-running grief: 

1. Denial of a possible injury

2. Quickly dealing with injury 

3. Settling into the new reality of the injury and slowing down on running

4. Not running at all and taking more time to heal

Number four is always the hard part and that is where I am right now. Three and a half weeks in and it feels sort of normal, but not. I put aside my goal marathon, placed a later marathon on the calendar and I'm working hard on healing. I know it's kind of a crap shoot to place another marathon on the calendar (CIM in December), but I am going to go with it. If it's meant to be, it'll be - and I feel pretty darn strong that I can kick the PF (plantar fasciitis) and rebound stronger than ever. You have to believe that in your heart and if you don't, you might as well throw in the towel right now.
My super speedy friend Jen (who is coming back from an injury and aiming to run a sub 2:50 marathon later in the Fall) told me that each injury or setback makes you stronger, faster, better.

I believe that.

At this point, I have been icing, stretching, going to PT, got a cortizone shot, received custom orthotics, doing all of my specific exercises, wearing a splint, rolling, cross training and of course resting.

Today, I decided to try dry needling (from a licensed acupuncturist)...

I have to go back next week for another session - probably 3-4 total and we'll see after that. I decided to try this method first rather than the some other intense options. I haven't had any pain walking on my foot the last couple of days and if that continues, then I am allowed to go for a short run next week. I could actually go sooner, but I am going to be really, really conservative and wait until it's been 4 weeks of rest.

I am very honored and excited to be a guest on Denny Krahe's Diz Runs podcast! Denny has been hosting his show for quite some time and has had an array of incredible runners on the show.
When he contacted me, I was really happy to sit and talk with him about all things running. We had a lot of fun and I am happy to share it with you :)

You can listen to the episode HERE!!

I hope you are having a wonderful week filled with fruit, sun and fun.

Happiness Is Running Life!


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