Things People Say While I am Running.

When you are training for a marathon, you run. A LOT.
So many hundreds of miles spent on the road, the trails and the treadmill - running, running running.

The marathon is an epic race, but it's the training that is a beast. By the time you toe the starting line for your marathon, it feels almost like a victory lap. A celebration of all the sweat, tears (and sometimes blood), highs and lows. 

This is your moment. You've worked your butt off for this moment (Okay - this 3++ hour moment!).

Over the hundreds and hundreds of miles that I have logged, I have met so many awesome people along the way. 
Strangers that give a smile, a wave, or words of encouragement. It always brings joy to my heart or an uplifting feeling - especially during a hard patch in the workout.

Here are some of things people have said to me over the many months of marathon training (either during a run, or a pre/post run routine):

"You go girl!!"

"WOW. Honey that girl is running faster than we are biking!"

"I see you running every day and it makes me want to get back to running. Thank you!"

"You are hitting the roads HARD. What are you training for?" "Boston, huh? How many miles is that?"

** I loved meeting this man during the start of a run - I had just finished my dynamic stretching routine and he came out of his house to say hello. **

"I'm 72 years old and I used to run every single day. I still lift weights! You keep up the good work - I love runners!"

"Great job!"

**Thank you to the beautiful lady who was all dressed up and said this as I was running by:**

"You have an amazing body!!" ---> totally made my week/month -  (Let me just say - I don't have the kind of confidence that thinks I have an amazing body. Far from it, but that's another discussion...) especially since I was grinding away on a tempo run and I couldn't even really register what she said until afterwards.

**From a homeless guy:**

"Hey, would you like to try a hit of weed? I think it'll make you run faster!!" (Uh, no thank you :)

"I think runners are so awesome!"

"How many miles do you run everyday?"

"Hey, do you have a good playlist?"

"I'm injured. Any tips for how I can start running again?"

**From neighbors**  ---> "We saw you running up that hill today and wanted to give you a ride!!"

** At the start of a playdate**  ---> "I saw you running on the other side of town today??!!"

To the many friends (who know my name) and people that I don't know who yell out the car window:

"Goooo Nat!!" If they don't know me it's: "Goooo runner!!"

Running in the snow and altitude this winter. #marathontraining

"That altitude is a bi&@ch, isn't it?!"

**Another homeless guy in the pre dawn hours as I was running and Jerold biking next to me**

"You go Sista!! And that's a good man right there for biking with you!! Hey, can I run too?!"

"Hey, can you coach me to run?"

"Keep up the good work!"

"I love your dedication"

"What do you think about when you are running so many miles?"

"My sister (brother/son/mother) is running Boston too!!"

"Have you ever run an ultra?"

"How many miles are you running today?"

How many miles am I running today? A LOT. :)

And to all the runners that I see everyday - I love that we encourage each other with a wave, a nod or a smile. We are united as runners and I love that.

These words make me want to give back. There will be many times when I am not running and I spy another runner. 

I know exactly what I am going to say...

"You've GOT this!!"

So, the next time you see a runner, say something encouraging to them - you never know how much it'll make their day!!

What are some things that people have said to you while running?

Do you acknowledge other runners while you are running?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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