Running Fast On Tired Legs, Ummm - That's the Marathon!

Today was my 7th day in a row of running. I didn't mean for that to happen.
Let me explain.
I normally run Monday - Saturday and take Sunday off. That gives me 6 days of running and I am always glad to have Sunday as a day off.
But, last week I needed a break on Wednesday. I just felt super tired and didn't feel like running, so I listened to my body.
That meant that I ran last Thursday - today (Wednesday). Which also meant that I ran today's tempo workout on tired legs. How did I get through it? First, I spent a good 20 minutes warming up - my normal dynamic stretching routine, and I added squats, skipping, jump squats, push ups, lateral band exercises from PT, high knees and fast feet.
By the time I started the workout I was sweating, feeling awake (!) and ready to go.
In the marathon when your legs get tired, you don't have a choice ---> you have to keep going.

I ran one mile for a warm up and then got down to the tempo portion. 7 miles at 7:35 - 7:45 pace.
Here are my splits: 7:36, 7:39, 7:40, 7:42, 7:39, 7:42, 7:37
When I got to the beginning of mile 7, I started thinking "This is what it kind of feels like during the marathon." 

It was great practice, because my mind went into overdrive (Be Brave. Be Strong. Be You. Thanks Tina!) - keep pushing. I tried not to look at my watch, but then I had to peek - one half mile to go! Keep pushing. I knew I was hanging on and I gave it one final push. 7:37.
I was happy with this workout for several reasons:
1. I stayed within the time range that my coach gave me. I know he gives me these paces for a reason :)
2. When mile 3 came around, I had that brief moment of "I have 4 miles left of this?!" And then I took a deep breath and just ran the mile I was in. RUN THE MILE YOU ARE IN.
3. I finished strong

Can I just say how excited I am to get a massage tomorrow?!! :)

After my workout, I got to pick up this ray of sunshine...

No matter what I am feeling, she just puts a huge smile on my face!!

So I am on day 3 of the 21 day Runner's Reset I am doing with Laura leading a group of us.
It's been good so far. I haven't had any added sugar, zero wine and I haven't lost my mind! :)

Seriously, it's been good. Lots of sweet potato, nuts, berries and a variety of fruit, chicken and lean turkey, steel cut oatmeal without the honey that I normally have (I haven't missed it! I think I can do this permanently!), tons of veggies, (kale, broccoli, spinach to name a few), tons of water, and a good amount of almond butter (love, love apple slices with almond butter for a post workout snack!).

I will start blending some fun healthy smoothies, as I have so many fun recipes to try!

Here is what I ate on Monday!

Monday Jan. 11*

Oatmeal (no honey) with butter and almond milk
1 hard boiled egg
fruit (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, baby oranges)

sliced apples with almond butter

Pasta with turkey meatballs and marinara sauce + mixed baby green salad

Mini snack
handful of cashews and walnuts

1 cup of hot almond milk with a teaspoon of vanilla extract (YUM!)
Cheese slices and wheat free/gluten free crackers

Wild Salmon, baked sweet potato, kale

Before bed
1 glass of water with Nuun

*Water with every meal and snack

Women's Running Magazine published my article!!

Wishing you a great workout and happy eating!! :)

Have you ever taken added sugar out of your diet? How did you feel?

How many days a week do you typically run?

Happiness Is Running Life!


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