Thoughts for a Saturday evening - Happiness Is Running Life!

When I started this blog, I knew that it would be about all things running.

Running, sprinkled with healthy eating and living a healthy life. Thoughts about training, races, gear, nutrition and the fun of being out on a run. Working towards goals or just working up a good sweat!

Because that is what I am passionate about.

But - I also knew it would be about happiness. 

We are on this mysterious, awe inspiring earth for such a short amount of time - why NOT be happy?

Of course we aren't going to feel happy every moment of every day. But if we strive for it, work toward it, take the moments that are happy and...celebrate them. If we take the time to focus on the good, the bad usually melts away.

When I came up with Happiness Is Running Life as the theme of my blog I had a vision that Happiness marries running and sprinkles a big dose of life along the way...

Happiness Is Running Life!

Whether you are running on the road, a trail, in the pool, or just running an errand - be happy.

Live a happy life. 

For me it is a daily reminder. Something goes wrong, sometimes lots of things go wrong and it makes me want to go UGH. Why is this happening right now?

But, I know that happiness is just around the corner...

Wishing you a happy rest of the weekend and if you are running long on Sunday - a happy run!

Happiness Is Running Life!


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