Let's talk about trail running - US National Park style...

I have a huge problem with wanderlust. 
Ask Jerold. 
He will tell you that I readily jump at the chance to travel...

I love the entire process of getting ready for a trip - from planning all the details and putting together our itinerary to getting on the plane (or in the car). I love exploring new places!

One big (Okay, huge) portion of our trips always revolves around running. I factor in how I will get my run done plus it is an amazing way to explore our new location. WIN!

Jerold and I have made wonderful running memories together from the spectacular trails in Kauai, to the quiet streets of Paris at dawn. From cobblestone roads in Puerto Vallarta (I ran a lot on these PV streets this summer while he stayed with the kiddos at the hotel) to high altitude trails in Ethiopia. From trails over looking the Golden Gate bridge to steep, challenging hills in Berkeley. From beautiful bike trails in Ohio to rolling hills in Tuscany. I have a fond memory of running hill repeats on a gargantuan hill near UC Berkeley when I was training for a race - Jerold cheering me on at the top (note that he had no desire to run the hill repeats!).

I came across a great article from National Geographic on ten top trail runs in US National Parks. I immediately scanned this list to see if I had run any of these trails (two!) and I am itching to run all of them. I think this is a pretty neat list and am excited to share it with you. Maybe you have run some (or all) of these trail runs. If not, they are great bucket list ideas!

Top 10 Trail Runs in US Parks

Photo: Runner on a trail in Channel Islands National Park
Photo from National Geographic

1. Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona

2. Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC

3. Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California

4. Channel Islands National Park, California

5. Valley Forge National Historic Park, Pennsylvania

6. Muir Woods National Monument, California

7. Cape Hattras National Seashore, North Carolina

8. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

9. Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Oregon

10. Acadia National Park, Maine

You can read all the details about this awesome list HERE!

I have run parts of #2 (Golden Gate) and #6 (Muir Woods). Number four (Channel Islands) is pretty close to home for me so I will definitely check that out soon.

One of my bucket list items on this list is to run Acadia National Park at sunrise as that is the very first place to see the sunrise in the United States (pretty cool!).

Another great tidbit about these National Parks is that they are gorgeous locations for a family or couples vacation.

Enjoy and happy trail running!!

Have you had the pleasure of running on any of these trails? Which ones?

Have you started thinking about summer travel yet?
I definitely have and can't wait to run in a couple of (undecided) locales this summer. I know this will most likely involve borrowing or renting a jogging stroller for SBG. :)

Happiness Is Running Life!


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